Thermae Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost for a one day guest pass:

A: A one day Guest Pass is $40-$45 depending on location and Membership starts $99-$129 a month unlimited daily use.

Q: What do treatments such as a massage include?

A: All of our treatments with the exception of hydrotherapy sessions include Thermae Retreat’s infrared and Finnish saunas, Move Room, Meditation Room, Cool/Cold Showers, Outdoor Garden (Ft. Lauderdale, Delray Beach), Cold Bucket Plunge (Boardman), Fresh Filtered Water and Herbal Teas. If you are a Thermae Member you receive 10% off all treatments and workshops.

Q: What type of saunas do you have?

A: Thermae Retreat is proud to offer custom made Cedar Finnish Saunas and Clearlight Infrared Saunas. They are toxin free with no EMFs and shown to detox the body, relieve muscular pain, quicken healing, lower blood pressure, clean the skin, assist with weight loss and calm inflammation. It is our pleasure to offer a traditional “aufugss” (infusion) of oils onto the hot stones in the Finnish Sauna. The sauna fills with steam and scents like eucalyptus, birch, and fresh orange leaving your body feeling awake and refreshed.

Q: What are the benefits of an infrared sauna?

A: Most of our clients come in for a few main reasons which are: detoxification, anti-aging, skin purification, pain relief, relaxation, improved circulation, lower blood pressure (naturally), weight loss, break down of cellulite and decrease in pain. The reason Thermae Retreat is centered around the saunas is to help you relax. We realize that most of our guests have forgotten how to sit in stillness and just be in the moment, and not feel the ‘pressures’ of life and it is hard to make someone relax when they are mentally or physically unable to be still. The saunas give you the perfect space to do this. Thermae Retreat has a ritual with both the hot stone Finnish sauna and the infrared sauna. One backed by studies and tradition. Through membership and when you are with us for a treatment experience, the saunas are a part of the journey and give you that quiet place, with scents and heat to simply be still for a certain period of time. And you begin to learn again. In stillness is where we find clarity. In stillness is where we are able to re-center. One of our favorite sayings is, ‘There is so much Movement, in all this Stillness.’

Q: Do I need to be a member to come to the retreat:

A: Thermae Retreat offers Memberships for those looking to make natural health a part of their life, but you are welcome at the retreat for an hour or the day with as a guest without becoming a member.

Q: What do Thermae Retreat Memberships include?

A: All Memberships include monthly unlimited use of Thermae Retreat’s infrared and Finnish saunas, Move Room, Meditation Room, Cool/Cold Showers, Outdoor Garden (Ft. Lauderdale, Delray Beach), Cold Bucket Plunge (Boardman), 10% off all treatments, Fresh Filtered Water and Herbal Teas.

Q: How does Membership work?

A: You choose a membership that works for your lifestyle. For instance if you travel often or come into town for business monthly the ‘Traveler’s Refuge’ ($350-$400) would be perfect. It gives you 10 retreat guest passes to use within a 6 month period. Our most popular membership is the ‘Awakening’. It includes monthly membership plus $89-$99 towards any treatment. There are no contracts. You can cancel your membership with 48 hours notice.

Q: Is it true Thermae Retreat is an organic retreat?

A: Thermae Retreat is an organic, vegan daily retreat. Imagine if your guide has you detoxing in an infrared sauna then later has you relax in the meditation room with a scented candle releasing chemicals you are now breathing into your cells. Or what if a member that is cleaning the body of cancer cells has a facial with tap water and skin products with chemical ingredients. Our skincare products are organic, wildcrafted, made of herbs, barks and botanicals and improve your skin on a cellular level. Thermae Retreat also uses nontoxic, vegan cleaning products and we filter our water for drinking. We appreciate your choice to spend time at our Retreat and want to make sure we have the highest grade products and a clean, toxin-free, relaxing environment available to you each visit.