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Regarding coronavirus/COVID-19:


We are closely monitoring all information and following all procedures issued by local government and public health agencies. We wanted to reach out and share the extra actions we are taking to keep our retreat safe and clean for the entire Thermae tribe, our members, and guests. As you may know, regular sauna use is excellent for boosting the immune system and taking preventative action due to the high temperatures. Saunas boost the immune system, release toxins, and create an alkaline atmosphere where the virus cannot grow. Many of the services we offer are also extremely beneficial such as cupping, acupuncture, lymphatic drainage, essential oil massage therapy, and detoxing scrubs.

We have protocols in place which focus on liberal use of botanical anti-viral/antibacterial products to continuously sanitize the entire retreat through the day as well as providing hand sanitizing stations and disinfectant sprays throughout the building for our guests to use as an extra precaution. We are also diffusing antiviral and natural antibacterial oils throughout the retreat.

 We have vitamin C powders at the desk for $1 that can be added to your water bottle and are serving vitamin C infused water to all guests and members for an extra boost. 
As your trusted partner in your journey of health and wellness, we are committed to delivering the experience that you love in an environment that protects and promotes well-being for all of us.

Please take the time to read or watch and learn about the tremendous health benefits of saunas:
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Imagine having unlimited access to an oasis of peace right in your community, a serene place to unplug from the clamor and bustle of daily life. In this retreat, you can count on a chance to finally take a deep breath, relax, connect within and even heal.

You are safe and cared for in this beautiful retreat that feels like home. Subtly, you sense a return to yourself. A few hours or afternoon later, you emerge feeling restored, balanced and whole.

Thermae is an entirely upleveled vision of a day retreat based on those found in The Netherlands region of northern Europe. Far from typical day spas that focus on the external, we are redefining wellness to encompass the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual from the inside out.

Yes, you can get the most sublime, customizable massages, facials, bodycare and energy work available anywhere, but that’s just the beginning of your transformation. Our signature Thermae Experience is quite intentionally designed to prepare your body’s receptivity to our state-of-the-art detoxing saunas, and whatever treatments or therapies you choose from our menu of services.


HP_graphic_unique sauna

Unique sauna experiences that are not widely available elsewhere.

Freedom to drop in as often as you’d like and stay as long as you want.

Knowledgeable and compassionate retreat guides to support your visit.

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High-end spa services for care of your skin, face and body at affordable pricing.
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Leading-edge teams of estheticians, therapists and integrative wellness practitioners.

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An inclusive, conscious community with holistic health-focused education.
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Pure, nontoxic, high grade, vegan products that nourish the body.

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