Thermae Retreat is an organic, vegan wellness space centered around detoxing saunas and holistic therapies. Join us for an hour or a day to experience your own relaxation, spiritual and detoxing journey.

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A Wonderful Thing | Join us in March!

At Thermae Retreat, we think of food as medicine. Given the proper nutrition, the body self-repairs and feels energized. This month, we’re putting a focus on #NationalNutritionMonth.
Your body is your temple. Honor it every day.
True wellness goes much deeper than what you feed your body. The Thermae Experience is designed to nourish you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Color: Blue turquoise / aquamarine / smoky purple
    Location: Throat/Thymus
    Meaning: In Sanskrit, the “Vishudda” chakra means “purification”
    Function: Expression, communication, sound
    Seed mantra: HamDid you know that the throat chakra is associated with the thyroid gland /the
    endocrine system? This gland produces hormones that are essential for growth and
    maturation. Excessive stress, especially fear of speaking out, affects the thyroid. Singing stimulates this chakra, as does chanting the mantra “ham.”
    Purify and embolden your throat chakra with: Light-blue, in-sauna chromotherapy
    Deep blue lapis lazuli semi-precious stone massage

Throat Chakra CD


Do you desire to overcome self-doubt and freely express yourself? Relax. Melt into this guided meditation on the throat chakra, the bridge between head and heart. This inner journey will gently move you to release fear, purify the throat region, and cultivate a natural ease and confidence.
Download the Thermae Retreat THROAT MEDITATION here: https://thermaeretreat.com/product/the-throat-chakra/

ABOUT US … Thermae Retreat est. 2013
Peace is Within

Hot Stone Finnish Sauna | Detoxing Infrared Saunas | Massage Therapy | Organic Facials | Exfoliating Body Care | Purifying and Detoxing Earth Clays | Hydrotherapy and Dead Sea Salt Soaks | Energy Medicine | 1-3 Day Retreats | Private Gatherings | Workshops & Ceremonies | Monthly Unlimited Memberships

During our custom massage, facial, energy work, skin care, & clay treatments we work with the body on a cellular level using organic, non-toxic products made from rare essential oils and botanicals; we use tuning forks, hot stones, magnets & sound therapy. Every cell renews, the mind is still and the spirit releases.

Custom made Hot Stone Finnish Sauna with traditional aufguss and Clearlight Detoxing Infrared Saunas with Chromotherapy, Meditation Room and Move area are all included in our treatments and offered in our Thermae Retreat Memberships.
Custom massages with hot stones, essential oils; relaxation, thai or deep tissue and reflexology, craniosacral or raindrop therapy are amazingly healing. Biodynamic facials – Our skincare lines and techniques are results oriented yet non-toxic and conscious, made with the highest grade, wild crafted herbs, essences and oils. Perfect if you are walking through life doing your best to avoid toxins and chemicals. We have exfoliating bindis (scrubs) with flowers and salts, hydrotherapy sessions for relaxation and to assist circulation and the digestive system and clays that rid the body of toxins and metals or purify the skin. It is our pleasure to offer you a space to meditate, relax, detox and find peace. Join us for a workshop or lecture. Thermae Retreat believes education is the key to finding the choices that work for your health, your mind and spirit. Purposeful. Thermae Retreat.

We are a tribe, a community of keepers and educators and guides and friends…
Ego says, Once everything falls into place I will feel peace.
Spirit says, Once I feel peace, everything will fall into place.
– Marianne Williamson






  • May 2017

    For Mother’s Day, my boyfriend got me a gift card to this spa. I called and made an appointment just like any other massage I have had, and going in expected the nice relaxing hour just like any other massage I’ve had again…….I was wrong, from the moment I stepped in this building I felt completely calm. It is not just a message you go for… they pamper you beyond belief, they take you to a finish sauna, and explain the process, with the most relaxing music and smells, they have beautiful jars of refreshing water through out the whole time you’re there….after the sauna you get to shower with some amazing salts, and then they give you this plushy perfect robe and you go in for the massage(which was hands down the best experience of my life in the way of massages) it’s so unreal, you feel like you’re living someone else’s life…. and then you get another shower with the salts, and then another sauna, and then another shower with the salts… it’s more than I could have ever imagined.

    It was by far the most relaxing thing I’ve ever done. I would recommend this spa to any and everyone! If I could give more stars I would, and if I could say anything nicer about it I would. Everything was perfect! The staff was calming and relaxing and professional… I feel like I just can’t say enough good things. Thank you for one of the most relaxing experiences of my life!!! I will definitely be back!

    “…one of the most relaxing experiences of my life!!”

  • 6/14/2018

    Where do I begin with the benefits of this place- mentally, physically,emotionally.
    No other place like it..fitness room, variety of saunas, meditation room,garden area.
    We both had exceptional massages,which they base to your needs.
    On top of all this, was the beautiful Zuzana (greeter/ receptionist) that gives you a tour of the place- throughly explaining everything from benefits to chakras to history of wellness, to what will benefit you personally.

    You walk in and she guides you into wellness~

    Zuzana makes you feel so welcome and loved. She has so much knowledge and truly makes you want to hang out there all day.

    They also have daily passes, or monthly memberships. When we move here we’re getting a monthly membership. This is a place you want to be part of to bring good vibrations into your wellness

    ‘Exceptional’ – Tammy W.

  • “Retreat is a DEFINITE 5 star experience”

    December 2016

    The Retreat is a DEFINITE 5 star experience. Wonderful energy from the staff and the retreat itself. I highly recommend! They offer massage, facials, meditation, light therapy, healing and more & all in the setting you would expect!! Thank you for this wonderful place to achieve optimum health!!