Benefits of Using a Sauna

Why Saunas Offer SO Many Health Benefits

Being in a sauna doesn’t just feel good; it also has a host of health benefits! Using saunas helps increase circulation because the heat raises your heart rate and widens your blood vessels. This leads to helping with muscle soreness, joint mobility, and injury recovery. Not only is increased circulation good for your muscles and joints, but it also reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease! Research has shown that men who use saunas regularly have significantly less likelihood of developing coronary artery disease, sudden cardiac death, and other heart problems. If you are looking for a sauna in Fort Lauderdale be sure to call the fort lauderdale Location.

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Did you know that using a sauna also relieves stress? That’s because in a sauna, you disconnect from the stressors of the outside world and enter a state of deep relaxation. While in the sauna, your body releases the feel good hormone known as endorphins. Our favorite style of sauna is the infrared Sauna. Our Delray location has multiple state of the art infrared saunas in Delray Beach Florida.

How Saunas Can Promote Weight Loss

A Sauna use also helps promote weight loss. Because your heart rate is up, and your body is overheated, you burn more calories. Also, since it helps with workout recovery, it makes you more likely to exercise more frequently, leading to an active and healthy lifestyle. If you hop in the sauna after a hard workout, your heart rate is already in a fat-burning zone, so by staying in the sauna for 20 minutes, you are reaping extra calorie-burning benefits from the sauna thermic effects.

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In addition to your muscles, joints, and heart, sauna use is good for your skin. When you are sweating, your body flushes out all the toxins that are built up beneath your skin. From bacteria to dead skin, the deep cleanse of your skin will bring you a new vitality!

The saunas is so beneficial to everyday health. It can help promote circulation and improve weight loss. One of the best things about coming to a day spa is the fact that everything else is taken care of for you. Fresh towels available whenever you need them, and clean drinking water right beside you.

Getting a spa treatment along with your sauna sit can help you to feel further relaxed. At Thermae Retreat we believe everyone is entitled to being allowed to pamper themselves and enjoy some self healing time. Taking care of you body is super important and there is not better place to do it at the best day spa around, Thermae Retreat.

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Best Spa in Fort Lauderdale | Thermae Retreat Fort Lauderdale

Best Spa in Fort Lauderdale 

If you live in Broward County and are looking to find a relaxing way to spend your afternoon or weekend, look no further than Best Spa Fort Lauderdale! We are Fort Lauderdale’s top-rated spa location, and have been for over 15 years. We know what it takes to make your spa experience comfortable, relaxing, rejuvenating, and healthy. Whether you are someone who needs to take a personal day to revitalize yourself, someone who wants to treat a special mom to the royal treatment, or someone trying to dazzle a  significant other with an intimate bonding experience, we have the service for you!

Why are we the best spa in Fort Lauderdale Florida? Well, we have an incredible menu of services that are performed by some of the most dedicated estheticians, masseuses, and licensed and certified spa professionals. Not only that, but our parlor has some of the most amazing spa packages and membership perks in Florida. When you bundle our services into a full-fledged spa day, you can take your treatment to the next level. Our members enjoy priority scheduling, discounted services, and other wonderful perks that keep them coming back. Our holistic approach to the healthy and happy individual considers the mind, body, and spirit. With proper care, we make you feel whole again.

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At our Fort Lauderdale location, we have the best day spa treatment in town. Imagine enjoying the organic face-cleansing oils and creams exfoliating the toxins from your face. The results are incredible; detoxifying exfoliating scrubs and moisturizers cleanse your pores and leave your skin glowing once again. We only use organic, sustainable, and ethical products for your day spa treatments, meaning that you can feel good physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The benefits of day spa treatments are well-documented. For centuries, many of our tried and true techniques have been shown to reduce stress, improve circulation, and improve self-esteem!

One of the trademark services offered at our full service spa is our assortment of massages. Our experienced massage specialists are capable of all kinds of massages such as custom massages, Swedish massages, hot stone massages, organic essential oil massages, reflexology massages, craniosacral massages, prenatal massages, cupping massages, couples massages, and more. Our staff is happy to help you determine the best massage for your body because after all, most of us have our unique aches and pains that need some good ole TLC. Most of our massage therapy sessions last 30 minutes, 60 minutes, or 90 minutes.

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While you relax, use our top-of-the-line infrared saunas! When you step into an infrared sauna, you are immersed in soft infrared heat. Unlike the traditional hot stone sauna, using our infrared saunas heat your body from the inside out. Infrared sauna benefits include deep detoxification, burning up toxins and reducing inflammation in the body. Not only that, but due to its ability to burn fat, infrared saunas aid in weight loss and lower blood pressure, making it a steamy oasis of good health.

Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale
604 S Federal Hwy,Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
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Best Spa in Delray Beach Florida | Thermae Retreat Delray Beach

Not feeling as good as you should? Are you in need of a personal vacation, but can’t afford to travel across the country? You just need to hit the reset button mentally, physically, and spiritually after a long stretch. Thermae Spa is a spa parlor in Delray Beach, FL. We have been serving clients for over 20 years. Thermae is the top-rated spa resort in the area because we offer premium services to help you rejuvenate in all facets of your life during your stay.


Delray Thermae Spa offer tons of spa services for you. All staff at our location are experienced, carrying licenses and certifications to ensure that you are getting the highest quality spa treatment around town. From massages and saunas to package deals, you are guaranteed to find a relaxing option that fits your needs. Don’t just take our word on this; If you go to our customer testimonials page, you can see our long list of 5-star reviews given by our clients. We are committed to continuing our standard of excellence, and look forward to showing you why we are the best spa in Delray Beach, FL.


a lady getting a body scrub at one of the best day spas in Delray Beach Florida

Day Spa Treatments in Delray

At our Delray location, we have a variety of amazing spa treatments. For example, one of our feature services is the organic facial service. We use naturally sourced essential oils, moisturizers, herbs, and face masks to exfoliate your face of toxins. After one of our signature facials services, your skin will be revitalized and beautiful. This is because our facials use exfoliants that dig deep to remove toxins from your skin and improve circulation through your pores. Not only that, but our facials come with facial massages and grooming. The benefits of day spa treatments continue to be used over the years by many of our clients. The techniques used by our staff help reduce stress, improve self-esteem, and heal damaged skin.

the best massage in delray beach florida

Massages in Delray Beach Florida

Come and get on of the BEST Massages in Delray Beach Florida

Our spa has a comprehensive menu of massages available to relax your body. The health benefits of receiving a massage at a Thermae spa are well-known; massages relieve aches and pains, improve circulation, remove toxins, reduce headaches, relieve stress, prevent injuries, just to name a few! Many of our pristine massages are treated with essential oils to restore your skin. Choose from some of the best massages in Delray.

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Trigger Point Massage

Couples Massage

Prenatal Massage


Thai Massage

Foot Massage

Saunas in Delray Beach | Infrared Saunas | Finnish Saunas

While you relax at our spa, don’t forget to book a session with our Infrared and Finnish sauna services. Thermae’s Infrared saunas and Finnish saunas are equipped to heat your body remove toxins. Saunas are known to reduce inflammation from the body, relieve pain, lower blood pressure, improve skin, and even lose body fat! With the thermic effects of saunas, your body becomes a fat-burning machine!

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Thermae Retreat Launches a New Conscious Concept in Skincare – Nourishe Organics


Thermae’s Nourishe Holistic Facial:
A phenomenal combination of effective skin revitalization and deep relaxation.  The combination of lymphatic activation, acupressure and deep tissue detoxification creates a rejuvenation for the skin, connective tissue and muscles of the head, face, neck and chest at the same time restoring healthy fascia.  Simultaneously, a quadra-phasic infusion of organic herbs, barks, plants, mushrooms, naturally-occurring fatty acids, fruit extracts, and botanical oils open and strengthen the capillary walls, stimulate a release of stored-up toxins, encourage stronger blood flow, and create a natural, yet powerful blast of oxygen to your cells. Skin looks softer and glowing immediately, and as continued treatments happen, the glow becomes permanent. Oxygen is the critical source of all cell function, however is ineffective as an ingredient. The creation of this treatment applies the creative composition of the 4 unique formulas that increase the skin’s ability to use oxygen fully in the cellular cycle which is the most valuable component in having beautiful, healthy skin.NOURISHE FULL LINE FLOWERS

Welcome introduction with Nourishe Organics founder and Master Alchemist, Kristin Bauer. Meet Thermae Expert Estheticians and get your skincare questions answered about Nourishe Organics Luxurious Products and Facial Treatments. Enter to win raffles and give-aways, tour our Organic retreat, enjoy lite bites, and specials on our holistic treatments and sauna retreats.

First 50 to RSVP are entered to win a Month retreat for you or a friend! Event is free and open to the community. Please bring in your ticket to enter the raffles and give-aways.

Come in for an amazing Nourishe facial and receive 20% off the month of January 2018!