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Being truly joyful and healthy requires a balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. When all of these self-aspects are tended to, you feel a sense of clarity, joy and fulfillment. Goodness and optimism flow naturally into your life and out to everyone around you.

Sounds wonderful, right? But how do you achieve this?
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We’ve made the path to wholeness easy and attainable for you by bringing together the essential elements of transformation all in one place.

At Thermae Retreat, you can:

  • Detox, restore and fortify your body
  • Unplug and calm your mind
  • Empower your spirit
  • Release negative emotions that no longer serve you

Once inside our doors, there is nothing you need to do or think about. Our loving team of retreat guides take care of whatever you might need, from answering questions about the wholistic treatments offered at Thermae Retreat to bringing you a cup of organic herbal tea while you find stillness in our Meditation Room.

Your only “goal” is to surrender into the Thermae Experience and allow the deep detoxing saunas to do their magic. You may wish to couple your experience with a treatment: massage, hydrotherapy, facial, body scrub, a soul journey, vibrational medicine or sound bath. How you spend your time here — and how long you stay — is up to you and completely customizable at each visit.

Our affordable memberships enable you to make Thermae Retreat part of your weekly routine, to regularly detox and refresh from the inside out, never feeling rushed or “on a schedule.” You will return to your daily life feeling healthier, centered and more confident.

Energize Your Whole Self

Come in and you’ll see why typical day spas only address the physical part of your being, while Thermae Retreat nurtures you as a whole person. Here, we focus on your physcial, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being . . . Not just with saunas and nourishing body treatments, but also with relaxation and de-stressing spaces to spend time getting in touch with your inner calm; learning how to be present.

We’re so passionate about educating others on something other than medicine for pain relief and the benefits of a wholistic lifestyle that we’re becoming known in our communities as the “go to” source for expertise and information on these topics. Each retreat has a Shaman offering deep vibrational medicine sessions, therapists that use singing bowls and reiki to move energy and unique treatments such as craniosacral to release tension without deep pressure into muscles.

Our emphasis is on “why” taking time to detox and be still is so important. Energetic health is just as important as our physical health. Daily stresses and unhealthy choices can compound and weaken the energy body. Just like we have dental checkups and annual physicals, having a place to fine tune your energy field is equally important. Thermae is that place. We want the world to know about the power of respite and self-care to heal the mind, body and soul.

Book your Experience and begin your return to aliveness.