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At Thermae, sauna is life.

Quite literally, we understand what cultures across time have always known: the therapeutic power of steam and heat eliminate toxins, lower blood pressure, strengthen vascular function, eradicate oxidative stress and inflammation, boost the body’s immune response, cleanse the skin, aid in muscle recovery and provide pain relief. In fact, the sauna experience encompasses the entire cycle of life and community.

Throughout the ages, saunas have been used for ceremonies, celebrations, healing illnesses, rites of passage and social life. Children were born in them. Women went through a purification ritual before marriage; and post-childbirth, they used them for rejuvenation. Elders entered the sauna before passing to another world, mourners took solace in them to overcome grief. They were a place of sacredness and mystical connection to creation and Creator.

What’s more, the communal bathhouse was often the social center of towns and villages, where neighbors would also find restaurants, libraries, gyms, theaters and sleeping quarters for overnight guests.

The sauna house WAS the community.

This concept is core to Thermae Retreat: creating a community of healers and health, and educating everyone who will listen about the body’s ability to self-heal when given simple respite and a few foundational holistic therapies in an inclusive, nurturing atmosphere.

Our customizable suite of services, when combined with our signature Thermae Experience, prepares you at the deepest levels for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual renewal. This experience was inspired by founder Kelly Doyle’s visit to Holland, where she immersed into a month-long detox retreat in nature-based Finnish saunas. Inwardly transformed, Kelly was inspired to bring this experience to the United States and share it through a unique business model.

The Thermae Experience includes these core offerings: Finnish and infrared saunas to detox the body, a Move Room with vibrational trainers/rebounders to promote circulation, showers with salt bowls for personal salt scrubs, and a Zen-inspired Meditation Room where you can continue to commune with stillness and spirit in a safe, serene environment.

Receptivity to Healing and Wholeness

The Thermae Experience fully prepares the body and mind to receive further healing from whatever other services you may wish to add to this main offering. Choose from a palate of additional treatments for care of your skin, face and body. Thermae Retreat takes you far beyond spa treatments. Our Custom Massages, Custom Facials, Bodycare and Energy Work all have a purpose beyond just the “physical.”

Your journey to balance and wholeness is truly customizable. During your retreat time, your guide will typically ask if you desire a relaxing, detoxing or spiritual journey, or a combination of all three. We are here to assist you in getting exactly what you need at that time.

This is Your Retreat “Home”

As for our retreat space, we’d like you to think of it as your home away from home. Our beautifully appointed common areas welcome you to sit, relax and enjoy the flow of positive energy. Other than your appointment time, there’s no need to rush through your visit. Stay as long as you’d like to enjoy the saunas and other amenities. Our retreat guides are always close at hand for anything you might need.

Thermae Retreat’s three locations — Ft. Lauderdale and Delray Beach, Florida, and Boardman, Ohio — each feature unique treatments and specialities that take advantage of the knowledge and expertise of local practitioners. Our collective of healers include leading-edge teams of estheticians and integrative modality practitioners such as shamanic practitioners, crystal, sound and massage therapists, Reiki/vibration/energy workers, and practitioners of ayurvedic and natural medicine for those with physical imbalances.

It is our pleasure to share the best of fully vetted integrative approaches with you in a compassionate atmosphere that cannot be found elsewhere. We are here to lovingly hold you in your quest for stillness, healing, inner awakening and education about holistic wellness.

Book your Experience and begin your return to aliveness.