Retreat Detox

Designed with you in mind…

Detox the Skin          Detox the Body          Detox the Mind

One Month Thermae Retreat Detox $219

:15 – :30 in the Move Room
:15 in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna
Cool/Cold Shower
:30 in the Infrared Sauna
:20 – :60 in the Meditation Room
Herbal Detox Tea and Fresh Filtered Water
Once a Month Detox Treatment:
Exfoliating Body Scrub or Dry Brush Treatment
Thermae Retreat’s Environmental Detox Clay Wrap or Slurry

Since the skin is our largest organ, detoxification can have profound effects on our health and sense of well-being. Thermae Retreat’s dry salt scrub with essential oils and flower petals or dry-brushed method is used to incite exfoliation (removal of dead layers of skin). Soft strokes are used in conjunction with deep massage during the salt and essential oil treatment or long and short strokes are used during the dry brush treatment in areas where toxins can accumulate. Humans shed skin cells daily (anywhere from 11,000-23,000 skin cells an hour) and it usually takes about 27 to 30 days before new skin cells reach the top layer of the skin (stratum corneum). This turn-over slows as we age. Having a monthly body scrub will help make your skin look more vibrant and youthful. The rubbing action itself boosts circulation and helps drain your lymph nodes, by increasing blood flow to the skin’s surface.

We begin in the Move Room with Vibration Trainers and Rebounder. Breakdown cellulite and move the circulatory and lymphatic systems prior to going into the saunas. Thermae Retreat is proud to offer custom made Cedar Finnish Saunas and Clearlight Infrared Saunas. They are toxin free with no EMFs. The heat from the Finnish Sauna is more intense causing the body to perspire almost immediately. At Thermae Retreat, it is our pleasure to offer a traditional “aufugss” (infusion) of oils onto the hot stones in the Finnish Sauna. The sauna fills with steam and scents like eucalyptus, birch, and fresh orange leaving your body feeling awake and refreshed. From sauna we always go to a cool/cold shower. This hot-cold therapy is wonderful to boost your immune system, strengthen blood vessels and calm muscle pain. Chromotherapy or Light therapy in each Infrared Sauna enhances healing, movement of systems, and relaxation during your sauna session. Each color offers a different frequency and so a different healing, renewing or relaxing aspect adding even more benefit to your sauna experience.

Thermae Retreat environmental clay detox wrap or slurry | Once the dry brush or scrub treatment is completed the clay is brushed onto the body and you are wrapped in special blankets, comfortable and relaxed while warm heat stimulates the effects or the clay is put on the body and you soak in warm water for a specific amount of time. Thermae Retreat’s clay formula assists in eliminating: inorganic and organic chemical residues, nicotine, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, industrial pollution, food preservatives, phthalates (plastic residues, artificial fragrances), PCB’s, VOC’s, PFOA’s (non-stick surfaces), radiation exposures (nuclear, medical, food, etc), various carcinogens, metals and more.

The benefits of Meditation have been shown in scientific research, but more importantly have been shown in centuries of human experience. At Thermae Retreat we believe meditation comes in all forms. Practice 3 kinds of meditation during your detox journey:

Effortless Presence | Be still in the saunas
It’s the state where the attention is not focused on anything in particular, but reposes on itself – quiet, empty, steady, and introverted. We can also call it “Choiceless Awareness” or “Pure Being”. This is actually the true purpose behind all kinds of meditation, and not a meditation type in itself. All traditional techniques of meditation recognize that the object of focus, and even the process of monitoring, is just a means to train the mind, so that effortless inner silence and deeper states of consciousness can be discovered. Eventually both the object of focus and the process itself is left behind, and there is only left the true self of the practitioner, as “pure presence”.

Mindful Meditation | Relax in the garden or sit quietly sand drawing – a Vanuatu artistic tradition
Mindfulness meditation is the practice of intentionally focusing on the present moment, accepting and non-judgmentally paying attention to the sensations, thoughts, and emotions that arise. Pay close attention to the movement of your breath. When you breath in, be aware that you are breathing in, and how it feels. When you breath out, be aware you are breathing out. The effort is to not intentionally add anything to our present moment experience, but to be aware of what is going on, without losing ourselves in anything that arises. There is a big different between being inside the thought/sensation, and simply being aware of it’s presence.

Sound Meditation and Guided Meditation | relax in our meditation room
Sound Meditation: Focusing on sound. Start the meditation with “external sounds”, such as calming ambient music (like Native American flute music), whereby the student focuses all his attention on just hearing, as a help to quieten and collect the mind. By time the practice evolves to hearing the “internal sounds” of the body and mind. The ultimate goal is to hear the “Ultimate Sound” (para nada), which is a sound without vibration, and that manifests as “OM”.
Guided Meditation: We live in very different times now. Our life is busier. Will power is a less common personal asset. Distractions are everywhere, and meditation is often sought as a means to develop better health, enhance performance, or improve oneself. For these reasons, guided meditation can indeed be a good way to introduce you to the practice. Relax on a lounge, put on the headphones and begin to listen and breath.

Added Benefits of Thermae Retreat’s Saunas:

  • Detoxification The Infrared Sauna penetrates into the skin and heats your body from the inside out, leaving the air around you quite comfortable. Infrared saunas heat up the muscles, organs and fat cells drawing toxins out through our most efficient way to detox the body – the skin. This takes pressure pressure off of your kidneys, liver and lungs. Our saunas also calm inflammation which is the foundation of many diseases including arthritis. These saunas are recommended for everyone to use daily, and are extremely beneficial for anyone going through a detox or just off chemotherapy.
  • Anti-Aging & Skin Purification The Infrared Sauna can help stimulate collagen production in your body which in turn may reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin health.
  • Pain Relief Infrared Saunas help in penetrating tissue, joints, and muscles to help relieve pain. Whether you have minor aches and pains or chronic pain conditions, Infrared Saunas are proven to help decrease pain and assist in pain management.
  • Relaxation Unlike traditional saunas which usually operate at very high temperatures, Infrared Saunas operate in a gentle and soothing manner. Infrared Saunas help users to relax while receiving a deep tissue sweat.
  • Improved Circulation Heating muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to what happens to the body during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use can significantly stimulate blood flow by up to twice the normal rate.
  • Lower Blood Pressure Infrared Saunas help to encourage deep sweat which makes the heart beat faster, which increases blood flow, helping to lower blood pressure and circulation. The heat also opens blood vessels and  so is good to help with high blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss Studies have shown that Infrared Sauna sessions can burn between 300-500 calories per session.

Added Benefits of Meditation:

Emotional Wellbeing
Lessons worry, anxiety and impulsivity
Lessons stress, fear, loneliness and depression
Enhances self-esteem and self-acceptance
Increases optimism and resilience against pain
Improves mood and emotional intelligence
Super Mind
Increases mental pain and focus
Increases memory recall
Better information processing
Helps with ADHD
Healthier Body
Improves immune system and energy level
Improves breathing and heart rates
Lessons heart and brain problems