Delray Day Retreats

Delray Beach… Experience a tropical retreat not far from the beach, where seagulls swoop by in artful formation and the water is always warm and inviting. When you are standing by the sea, you are truly immersed in the rhythmic, healing waves and salt spray of the Atlantic.

A Journey Beyond
Our Journey Beyond includes some of our most relaxing treatments that will help you feel renewed. This retreat day or evening includes a traditional aufguss (infusion of aromatherapy oils) in the Finnish Sauna, 45-minute exfoliating SpaRitual scrub treatment, 60-minute Custom Massage, Custom Bio-Dynamic Organic Facial – Along with the pure ingredients this Thermae facial involves unique structural massage, acupressure techniques, and bio-magnetism. These techniques relax muscle tension and release facial adhesions (tightness) that cause lines, wrinkles and premature aging, 30-minute session in the Detoxing, Muscle Relaxing Infrared Sauna and a fresh pressed organic juice. Meditation space, Outdoor Garden for grounding and Move area are included.
$349 | Member pricing: $315

Sound Bath, Clay and Sauna Experience | $199
Begin in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna with traditional ‘aufguss’, a cool shower under the mango tree and then ground in the garden. Your treatment is a private {or group, please ask for pricing} gong or singing bowl journey with one of our energy therapists. Get lost in the sounds, feel the vibrations assisting you in releasing old energies that no longer serve you making room for the new. Next, a warm detox clay will be brushed onto your back and the bottom of your feet. This clay consists of 3 earth clays charged to attract toxins and pull them out through your skin, the most efficient way to detox the body. Warm towels are placed on the body to activate the clay. When finished the clay is removed and you step out for a cool rinse. Go into the move area and use the movement equipment for the circulatory and lymphatic systems, then into our infrared saunas with light therapy to detox anything that has been released from the cells; have a cool rinse and relax on a meditation lounge with herbal tea listening to music with a frequency that helps to detox the mind. Please give yourself 1.5-2.5 hours for your journey.

528 THERMAE DAY RETREAT | A day of relaxing, purification and healing
Frequency has an effect on us on a cellular level. This day retreat includes high frequency sounds, music, oils and treatments.
Move at your own pace… Let muscles melt in the hot stone Finnish sauna with Thermae Retreat’s traditional aufguss (infusion of oils) onto the stones, Warm infrared saunsas – as you relax, let the frequency of 528 fill every cell in your body, detox and cleanse the skin. Move to the garden and experience a cold bucket pour for contrast therapy and have a cool shower then relax on the garden deck with a cup of tea. Your first treatment will begin with a dry brushing and a good scrub with our ultra-gentle black Earl Grey ‘teatox’ scrub to assist in circulation, breakdown cellulite and release toxins. Your back and feet will be covered in detoxing clay and warm towels will keep the heat in while the clay pulls toxins out and purifies the skin. Next, our 2-hour deep tissue massage with a few hot stones and high frequency essential oils to heal from the outside-in; your body will melt as the scents take you away. Relax with a fresh organic juice and then move on to your Nourishe Organics Kinetic Facial with essential oils, botanicals, repairing acupressure & crystals. This treatment heals the skin from a cellular level, using frequency based serums and special massage technique; the results are dramatic and the experience is felt from head to toe.
$528 | Members $475

Spend one, two or three days relaxing | Customized Retreats

Includes your choice of delicious organic fresh juices, smoothies, superfood snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables. Retreats can be guided or you can choose to spend the time alone. For Local Residents: Spend the nights in your own bed and the days at the retreat. Out of town guests please call for resort locations near the retreat or right by the beach.
You can build your own retreat experience or contact Thermae Retreat directly and let us know if you are looking for a relaxing, spiritual or detoxing experience or a combination of all three. Guides are available and are different in each location. We are here to assist you in finding what you seek. Our dedicated therapists and spiritual practitioners such as Thermae Retreat’s Shaman Debra Kelly, Energy Workers, Breathwork Specialist, Holistic Psychotherapist, and Meditation Teachers are passionate about their work and about each guest.

Gift Cards for Thermae Retreat Delray Beach are available at the retreat or order by phone and have the gift ready for your loved ones arrival or order a gift card via text with a simple call. contact