“It was all amazing, especially the services by Beverly”


I went to Thermae Retreat for the first time today as part of my 10 firsts in 2016 for Broward Palm Beach Yelp, and I totally loved it. This spa is amazing and very different from the typical spas that seem to have cold/impersonal/disinterested/stressed out vibes. Going to Thermae is more like if you had a really loving and amazing friend who was also an expert in all sorts of healing modalities and she invited you over to her impeccably clean and relaxing home for the most restorative experience you’ve ever had. Yes, Thermae is that good.  You feel that the therapists really care about you, and the experience is well worth the price. I bought a $79 Groupon that was for a one-hour facial, light upper body massage and use of the saunas and other amenities. I stayed from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM and only left because I had another engagement. I definitely recommend planning to spend at least three to four hours at Thermae.

Some things I liked about Thermae:

This spa is not for spa snobs or the plastic people that are so common in South Florida. There’s no champagne here, they don’t have muffins and Keurigs, this isn’t Real Housewives. They do offer a wide variety of teas and filtered water at the temperature of your choice.

This location has a very new agey/spiritual vibe that focuses on healing, restoration and self-improvement. Thermae was busy on a Tuesday morning, and all of the other clients seemed to be like-minded people who were focused on healing and/or a spiritual experience. I listened to part of an Eckhart Tolle audiobook that my therapist turned on for me in the infrared sauna, and then I read The Four Agreements in paperback in the meditation room. They have a nice variety of self-help and spiritual non-fiction books to read.

The common areas of this spa are coed, including the saunas. I like this because anyone going with an opposite sex friend or significant other will be able to enjoy the amenities together, unlike at many other spas that separate men and women. There were no creepy men at this spa. There were plenty of male clients there, but all of them were polite and not annoying, which as a young single woman, I totally appreciate.

Thermae is not pushy and they don’t try to upsell you on products or services, which made the experience that much more relaxing. There is nothing that I hate more than going to a spa and spending hundreds of dollars on services, only to be pressured by an employee that I need to buy some service/membership package that I don’t want or buy some product that I haven’t even tried and probably don’t need. At Thermae, if you ask for a product or service recommendation, your therapist will give you one, but it won’t be forced on you.

I also really love the furniture and decor, which is a mix of lots of Ikea, Asian and new age influences and typical spa stuff. The eclectic mix makes you feel really comfortable and sort of stimulated and interested, but the decor is not intimidating for a spa newbie and feels warmer and more inviting than many spas.

Some spas that I’ve been to seem to force you through their “system” to do things on their timetable, but Thermae is not like that. At Thermae, you decide what you want to do and your therapist will set you up, guide you and check on you often to make sure you’re comfortable. They don’t try to rush you out either. I felt totally welcome to stay as long as I wanted. I ended up first using one of the vibrational plate machines, then using the serenity lounger in the meditation room that plays spa music and gently massages you, then I did the Finnish sauna, a cool shower, the infrared sauna, my facial and a light upper body massage with Beverly, then I drank tea in the meditation room as I read a book. It was all amazing, especially the services by Beverly. She was so caring and knowledgeable.

When you go to Thermae, you will probably feel like you are at a really amazing home with caring friends rather than at a business. That feeling is what makes me want to go back again.