The Saunas

Boardman Ohio                      Delray Beach Florida                 Ft. Lauderdale Florida

‘The sauna… Is an apotheosis of all experience: Purgatory and paradise; earth and fire; fire and water; sin and forgiveness. It is lyrical ecstasy. It is resurrection from the dead. It is eternal new birth… You are healed, you are made new.’
— Constance Malleson from her book, “In the North: Autobiographical Fragments of Norway”


The infrared sauna is a soft heat 110 – 150° which allows you to relax with a 20-40 minute session. Infrared heats the body from the inside out penetrating and heating fat cells, muscles and organs, sending toxins up and out through the skin, calming inflammation, assisting in breaking down cellulite and lowering blood pressure. While you are relaxing you are also getting an amazing cardiovascular workout as if you are outside jogging – Fresh oxygen is being brought to the cells and you typically burn between 300-500 calories in a session.


Relax muscles and detox through sweating with a Finnish sauna session. This traditional hot stone sauna heats the body from the outside-in. Be swept away in the scents and relaxing heat – At Thermae it is our pleasure to offer a traditional ‘Aufguss’ in the sauna – an amazing infusion of oils onto the hot stones causing steam and wonderful scents to fill the air. The benefits of the Finnish sauna have been observed for centuries. At Thermae all of our saunas are custom built with nontoxic cedar wood. A cool/cold shower takes place afterwards to take advantage of contrast therapy – hot to cold.

The Amazing Benefits of Thermae Retreat’s Saunas…

Thermae is proud to offer custom made Cedar Finnish Saunas and Clearlight Infrared Saunas. They are toxin free with no EMFs and shown to detox the body, relieve muscular pain, quicken healing, lower blood pressure, clean the skin, assist with weight loss and calm inflammation. The heat from the Finnish Sauna is more intense causing the body to perspire almost immediately. At Thermae Retreat, it is our pleasure to offer a traditional “aufugss” (infusion) of oils onto the hot stones in the Finnish Sauna. The sauna fills with steam and scents like eucalyptus, birch, and fresh orange leaving your body feeling awake and refreshed. If you are feeling  a bit congested, we can apply more specific oils that have been shown to help clear breathing passageways and assist with the immune system. From sauna we always go to a cool/cold shower. This hot-cold therapy is wonderful to boost your immune system, strengthen blood vessels and calm muscle pain. At our Delray Beach location the showers are under a mango tree and in Ft. Lauderdale the showers are located both indoor and outdoor. Each session is like a workout to the circulatory system, for instance in the Infrared sauna while your mind relaxes to guided meditation; a single 30 minute session burns between 300-500 calories and both types of saunas rejuvenate and refresh the skin through sweating away impurities and dead cells. Skin looks younger and refreshed. Chromotherapy or Light therapy in each Infrared Sauna enhances healing, movement of systems, and relaxation during your sauna session. Each color offers a different frequency and so a different healing, renewing or relaxing aspect adding even more benefit to your sauna experience.

All Memberships include the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna, Detoxing Infrared Sauna, Meditation Room, Move Room with Vibration Trainers, Rebounder to move the lymph system, light weights and outdoor garden for earthing and fresh air (South Florida).

Boardman Sauna Retreat $40 for a day pass or Membership Information
Ft. Lauderdale Sauna Retreat $45 for a day pass or Membership Information
Delray Beach Sauna Retreat $45 for a day pass or Membership Information