The Throat Chakra


Thermae Retreat Chakra Meditation Series
Do you desire to overcome self-doubt and freely express yourself? Relax. Melt into this guided meditation on the throat chakra, the bridge between head and heart. This inner journey will gently move you to release fear, purify the throat region, and cultivate a natural ease and confidence.

  • Overcome fear and self-doubt
  • Strengthen self-esteem and trust in yourself
  • Feel your personal power and balance emotions
  • Increase your ability to listen deeply
  • Clearly and confidently express yourself
  • Be heard!


Important MP3 download information:

Tracks: 2

Track 1: Intro: Run Time: 8 minutes & 30 seconds
Track 2: Meditation Track: Run time: 26 minutes

Price: $15.00




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