Each of our Thermae locations is aesthetically soothing and naturally beautiful in its own unique way. No matter which retreat you visit (and we hope you’ll experience each one), you will always be warmly welcomed and deeply cared for. It’s the Thermae way!
Our wellspring of self-awareness and self-healing modalities goes far beyond the physical. Unlike a typical day spa, we have carefully fashioned our Core Services — which are offered at every retreat location — to care for your body, mind and spirit. Every step along the way is purposeful and richly layered with a pure vibration of optimal health and well being.

Choose your location and start your journey today.

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This is the centerpiece of the Thermae journey to relaxation and inner peace. The Thermae Experience guides you, at your own pace, from our Move Room through our Finnish and Infrared Saunas to shower, capped with tranquil time in our Meditation Room.



At Thermae, a massage is not just a fancy way to pamper yourself. Our therapists dive more deeply and intentionally to create a profound custom experience that relaxes you to your core, soothes the soul and sets the tone for transformation. It’s like no massage you’ve ever had!


Unlike ordinary facials, ours work on a cellular level using facial massage and organic/vegan products of the highest frequency, all applied with skill and love by our master estheticians. We work with the skin in a way that activates regeneration, healing and lasting beauty the natural way.

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Caring for your skin can have profound effects on your health and well being. After all, the skin is your largest organ. We’ve perfected our Custom Body Care for that higher reason: To aid in your rejuvenation by detoxing and soothing your skin on a deep level.
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We believe that regularly tending to your energetic field is as crucial as getting annual checkups with your dentist, optometrist and doctor (maybe even more so). We hold onto energy (consciously or unconsciously) that does not serve us as we move through life; for this reason, we encourage you to visit one of our Energy Work practitioners on a regular basis to clear and uplift your system to optimal functioning.

Thermae also takes full advantage of the incredible roster of individuals in each of our cities who bring with them deep knowledge and experience about their areas of specialty. We align with top local therapists and leading edge practitioners to offer the most effective and progressive modalities available. From shamanic practitioners and doctors of Oriental Medicine to master therapists of all kinds, all of these resonant collaborations allow us to offer a bounty of unique experiences at each of our locations.

It’s time to fully see yourself as an energetic being who is deserving of self-care on a regular basis.

We are passionate about educating people on something other than medicine for pain relief and the benefits of a holistic, healthy lifestyle, which includes not just the physical but a meditative practice, energy/body work and simply being still.

Thermae’s space accommodates for all of this.

Choose your location and start your journey today.

Thermae Retreat Locations: