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As busy as we have to be in this economy just to keep up with the world around us, we need to have time to relax sometimes and enjoy where we are as our present selves. What better place is there to relax than Delray Beach Spa? At Thermae Retreat, the best Delray Beach Spa, there are a variety of spa services that you can choose from to bring you the most relaxation, happiness, and rejuvenation that you could imagine. At Delray Beach Spa, you can leave your stresses at the door and you won’t even remember that they are there. The whole environment of the spa is set up to pull your stress from your soul and evaporate it into the atmosphere so that you only have to focus on good vibes and good feelings. Without a doubt, Delray Beach Spa is the best place to let go and unwind and give yourself the peace and serenity that you deserve. Reward yourself with a wonderful massage, organic facials, purifying scrubs and clay, calming energy medicine, and the most relaxing saunas you can find in the Delray Beach area.

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Best Massages in Delray Beach for hot stone & couples massages

After long hours sitting at a desk, or performing physical labor, or simply just walking around and dealing with people all day, you probably fantasize about a long, quiet massage to remove all the stress from your body. Maybe you have restless nights or much-too-early mornings, maybe you have kids to chase around all day, or maybe you work long hours and you need a break from the world. The best place to do this is at Delray Beach Spa where you can get the most rejuvenating massages to relax your entire body. You will feel the stress evaporate from your physical being, leaving behind refreshed muscles that are ready to take on the world again (after you finish relaxing, of course). The massages at Delray Beach Spa will help you feel more confident, they will help you feel more comfortable in your body, and they will leave your spirit feeling well-rested. The talented and professional massage therapists will massage out all the knots and sore muscles throughout your body – you will forget all the pain you have been in within a matter of minutes. Now think about this: how much pain do you feel in your back? How about your neck? Other parts of your body? Delray Beach Spa can make all of that go away with one of their magical massages. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to achieve maximum relief with the best massages in Delray Beach.

Organic Facials Made for You

Your face is such an important part of your physical self. Our faces are what make us stand out as individuals. Our faces reflect our life experiences. Since our faces are so important in reflecting who we are, it is vital that we take care of them, because by taking good are of our faces, we are taking good care of ourselves. The organic facials at Delray Beach Spa are made to be compatible with your skin, using all natural ingredients to bring out the best in you. These organic facials are more than safe and they are unbelievably rejuvenating. All the toxins, dirt, dead cells, and bad oils will be washed away from your pores, leaving fresh skin that reflects the beauty in your soul. Allow the professionals to coat your skin with a soft, soothing blanket of organic ingredients that are guaranteed to make your skin feel younger, restoring the elasticity and life. Are you ready to experience the most relaxing facial of your life? You need to try the organic facials at Delray Beach Spa. You deserve it!

Scrubs and Clays for Skin Perfection

Along with the life changing organic facials, Delray Beach Spa offers a variety of scrubs and clays to restore the liveliness of your skin all over your body. These scrubs and clays are used to perfect your skin, that is, to help your skin reach its maximum potential. Throughout your day to day activities, your skin is exposed to many different types of dirt and oils and otherwise negative contacts. The scrub and clay treatments at Delray Beach Spa are perfectly crafted and massaged into your skin to remove all traces of those negative contacts so that your skin can be left full of life. When your skin feels good, you will feel good overall. You will be surprised when you feel the difference and you will wonder how you had gone so long without using the scrubs and clays. Delray Beach Spa loves to see the difference in your spirit when you are freed from all the dirt and oil collecting in your skin without you even realizing it. It will feel like years have been shed off with the amount of toxins that are actually pulled or washed off when you use the scrubs and clays at Delray Beach Spa. You don’t need to wait any longer to feel this good, try the scrub and clay treatments as soon as you can!

Number One Saunas in Delray Beach

One of the best treatments you can give your spirit and your physical being is heat. The saunas at Thermae Retreat Delray Beach Spa are unbelievably relaxing. With the sauna at just the right temperature to loosen all the toxins in your skin, you can enjoy the feeling of warmth as all the negative materials leave your pores. After a sauna treatment, you move onto taking a cold shower to wash all the toxins that emerged from your skin and ultimately close your pores again to prevent any other toxins from reentering. After a long hard week at work, wouldn’t you love to sit in a sauna and let your problems melt away? You can do exactly that at Delray Beach Spa. These saunas at the number one saunas in Delray Beach, hands down. We couldn’t recommend the Delray Beach Spa saunas enough. When it is time for your next day off, let yourself unwind in the comfort of these saunas.

Thermae Retreat Delray Beach Spa offers two different types of saunas, infrared and Finnish. The infrared sauna at Delray Beach Spa is set to the perfect temperature to melt away body fat, attack cellulite, and remove toxins from your body. Your body is heated from within and outwards, targeting internal problems that you would not otherwise be able to reach. If you are experiencing high blood pressure or inflammation in your joints, muscles, or tendons, the infrared sauna at Delray Beach Beach can help. The other type of sauna at Delray Beach Spa is the Finnish sauna. This sauna is designed to warm your body starting from the outside and then expanding inward. It involves the use of hot stones to create a relaxing cloud of steam that helps you achieve maximum relaxation. Essential oils are also incorporated to alleviate any physical or spiritual stresses you have been experiencing. Overall, the different saunas at Delray Beach Spa are unbeatable and it’s impossible to imagine going to any other spa to relax in a peaceful sauna.

Refreshing Energy Medicine

With all the focus on the physical being, one must not forget to acknowledge the importance of spiritual energy. There is no doubt that our mental and spiritual states are just as important to our quality of life as our physical health is. At Thermae Retreat Delray Beach, the leading Delray Beach Spa, the health of your energy is prioritized just as much as your physical self. Delray Beach Spa incorporates energy medicine to treat and refresh your soul. Every great spa professional knows that there is an undeniable mind-spirit-body connection, so you cannot achieve optimum relaxation and serenity if you neglect either one of those three counterparts. Each aspect of your life needs to be treated and taken care of. For a full physical and spiritual healing experience, Delray Beach Spa is the place for you.

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