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Couple’s Retreat: Day or Evening Journey for Two: $489
Relaxing hot stone Finnish sauna with traditional aufguss, detoxing infrared saunas with chromotherapy (light), Two 90 minute custom massages with essential oils and warm stones, a Starflower biodynamic organic facial for her and a Men’s Facial and Groom for him. Relax in the meditation room with guided meditaiton and sip organic warm tea in the garden.

528 THERMAE DAY RETREAT | A day of relaxing, purification and healing
528hz is the frequency of nature, the rays of the sun and of love. It is used by genetic biochemists to repair dna. Introducing: The 528 Thermae Day Retreat

Move at your own pace… Let muslces melt in the hot stone finnish sauna with Thermae Retreat’s traditional aufguss (infusion of oils) onto the stones, Warm infrared saunsas – as you relax, let the frequency of 528 fill every cell in your body, detox and cleanse the skin. After a cool shower, enter the relaxation room and listen to guided meditation then out for fresh air to the outdoor garden where you can relax with a book and ground.
You will begin with a dry brush treatment to assist in circulation, breakdown cellulite and release toxins. Your skin will then be covered in detoxing clay and then move over to relax in our tub of warm water while the clay pulls toxins out and purifies the skin. Next, our 2-hour deep tissue massage with hot stones and essential oils to heal from the outside-in; your body will melt as the scents take you away. Relax with a fresh organic juice and then move on to your Nourishe Organics Kinetic Facial with essential oils, botanicals, repairing acupressure & crystals. This treament heals the skin from a cellular level, using frequency based serums and special massage technique; the results are dramatic and the experience is felt from head to toe.
$528 | Members $475

RELAXATION JOURNEY | One day retreat
Move around at your own pace… This relaxation journey includes Thermae Retreat’s traditional aufguss (infusion of aromatherapy oils) in the Finnish Sauna, Detoxing Infrared Saunas, Meditation Room with guided Meditation and Soltec Lounge and Outdoor Garden. The ultimate in relaxation, a 2-Hour Custom Essential Oil Massage, Thermae’s Bio-Dynamic Custom Organic Nourishe Facial, a Dry brush treatment with Green Earth Clay Wrap and salt & flower petal foot scrub and Hydrotherapy Soak with dead sea salts and orange and lavender oil. The frequencies of 741 hz are played in your sauna – 741 awakens intuition. Also included is a Breakfast smoothie, Lunch juice, Fresh fruit and nuts, Herbal teas and Outdoor courtyard for grounding and time reading and reflecting.
$499 | Member pricing: $450

A JOURNEY BEYOND | One day experience
Our Journey Beyond includes some of our most relaxing treatments that will help you feel renewed. This retreat day or evening includes a traditional aufguss (infusion of aromatherapy oils) in the Finnish Sauna, 20-minute Soak in the Hydrotherapy Bath with dead sea salts filled with minerals, essential oils and 42-jets to boost cirulation, assist the digestive system and release msucle tension, 60-minute Custom Massage with essential oils and warm towels, Custom Starflower Organic Facial, 30-minute session in the Detoxing, Muscle Relaxing Infrared Sauna and an organic meal or fresh pressed juice.
$349 | Member pricing: $315

DETOX AND CLEANSE EXPERIENCE | One day journey to cleansing
Spend the day cleansing and detoxing inside and outside the body. Detox for prevention or join us to assist a detox you are under-going now. Begin with a session in the Move Room and then start the sweating process in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna where we do a traditional aufguss (infusion of oils onto the stones). Next a cold shower to boost the immune system and a warm cup of herbal tea. Detoxing Acupuncture with Dr. Anisha Durve, D.O.M followed by a 30-minute Cupping Treatment and 30-minute Infrared Sauna Session. Relax in the meditation room with electrolyte water to replenish and then it is time for your Exfoliating Body Scrub followed by your Detox Clay Slurry; choose your clay – remove metals and environmental toxins or smoker/drug/radiation. Soak in a warm water and then replenish again, this time with liquid minerals. Fresh Cold Pressed Juice and fresh filtered water are offered before, after and during treatments to replenish the body along the way.
$399 | Members $359

Custom Retreats … One to Three day Retreats.

Includes your choice of delicious organic fresh juices, smoothies, superfood snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables. Retreats can be guided or you can choose to spend the time alone. For Local Residents: Spend the nights in your own bed and the days at the retreat. Out of town guests we recommend the Merriweather Resort at Ft. Lauderdale beach.

Experience a tropical retreat near the beach, where seagulls swoop by in artful formation and the water is always warm and inviting. When you are standing by the sea, you are truly immersed in the rhythmic, healing waves and salt spray of the Atlantic. A morning walk is recommended before joining us at Thermae Retreat. The East coast is known for its  brilliant orange and purple sunrises that dance on the water. Palm trees sway and the shells and sea glass decorate the sand in beautiful Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale as a lovely outdoor garden for grounding and reading and indoor and outdoor showers. Time is silence is part of your journey and guided meditation is available in the meditation room and in our infrared saunas.

Each location offers a different amazing experience. Custom massages, full body exfoliating treatments, detoxing or purifying clays, hydrotherapy (Boardman and Ft. Lauderdale), crystal and sound therapy, yoga and so many wonderful experiences can be a part of your journey.

Experiences… A Mind that is stretched by its own experience, can never go back to its old dimensions. – Oliver Holmes

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