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External Detox | SpaRitual Sugar Scrub: $109
Purifying | Warm Purifying French Green Clay Wrap: $109
Internal Detox | Warm Detoxing Clay Wrap: $79

External Detox | Since the skin is our largest organ, detoxification can have profound effects on our health and sense of well-being. Thermae Retreat uses only 100% Vegan and 100% Nature Derived products. Our Earl Grey Teatox™ Sugar Scrub is an ultra gentle black scrub that detoxifies and hydrates the skin for a radiant glow. Next, our Earl Grey Body Souffle; This luxurious whipped moisturizer deeply hydrates and softens for nourished skin. The experience also includes an Earl Grey Oil Salve treatment for the feet. This unique product is an intense treatment for dry cracked heels and toes.
Soft strokes are used in conjunction with deep massage during the full body exfoliation treatment in areas where toxins can accumulate. Wonderful to improve circulation, detox the cells and assist in breaking down cellulite. The body’s skin is now fresh and glowing, healthy and renewed.

CLAYS…purifying or detoxing

Your Earth Clay pulls out impurities and refines the skin. After your body exfoliation (recommended), you are wrapped in a ‘blanket’ allowing your own body heat to release the impurities from the skin. A cool shower will follow.

An amazing triple clay combination including Zeolite which cages around toxins and pulls them away, this 100% Vegan and Nature Derived Detox Clay experience is amazingly powerful. The clay is brushed onto the back and bottom of the feet and you are wrapped in special blankets, comfortable and relaxed while your body’s natural heat stimulates the effects. A cool rinse finishes the treatment followed by a session in the detoxing infrared sauna with light therapy. *We recommend the Thermae Body Scrub prior to the detox clay treatment to remove dead skin cells allowing the clay to penetrate.

Sources of Environmental Toxicity: Air pollution, polluted municipal and ground water supplies, various toxins passed up the food chain, daily product use, house hold cleaners, dry cleaning chemicals, make-up, anything chemical that is put onto the skin such as deodorant, perfume/cologne or lotions, metals. The sources for environmental toxins are near limitless in our industrialized world.

Related Symptoms of Environmental Toxicity: The World Health Organization (WHO) has acknowledged environmental pollution as the underlying cause in nearly 80% of all chronic degenerative diseases. Toxic chemicals and metals have the potential to negatively impact every biological function occurring within your body.

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