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Thermae Pilates teaches classical and progressive styles. We offer Semi-Private sessions, 2-4 clients per class, enabling your instructor to have the time to assist you when needed, correct form and make sure class is flowing for everyone. As you advance, so will your training. Go from bent knees to straight legs to hovering the legs two inches above the ground and lifting to a perfect teaser position. To challenge yourself in this way keeps your semi-private sessions motivating and never boring. Just when you perfect a move we challenge you to the next level. The strength develops throughout the whole body, and is felt within the first 3 sessions. There’s nothing else like it! Come train – First :30 minute session is complimentary. Please call to reserve a space. Ft. Lauderdale: 954-648-5831 | Boardman: 330-540-2726

Ft. Lauderdale Thermae Pilates has moved from Flagler Village to Thermae Retreat! Train at our beautiful retreat on Federal Highway. Combine the best of both worlds – Workout and Sauna – the best combination for your body and mind … move, detox, relax

Pilates Sessions and Memberships:

Ft. Lauderdale | @ Thermae Retreat:
Introductory Program: 3 private :30 sessions $70
:30 minutes session $25 | 5 or more sessions $200
:60 minutes session $45 | 5 or more sessions $40
Private Sessions: $35 :30 minutes | $70 :60 minutes
Purchase a Pak or opt for a ‘bank’ (allows you to pay any dollar amount over $100 and receive pak prices)

BOARDMAN PILATES IS CLOSED FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE. We will see you soon in July! Come in for a sauna to detox, burn calories and relax all June!
Boardman | upstairs @ Thermae Retreat
Introductory Program:
3 private :30 sessions $70
Semi-Private & Private Sessions:
:30 minutes session $25
:60 minutes session $50
Packages of 5, 10, 20 and 40 sessions available

Complete Health | Thermae Sauna Retreat Membership & 10 thirty minute Pilates Sessions: Monthly Membership $299 | more options visit ft. lauderdale or boardman
The health benefits are tremendous!
Pilates-Retreat Membership’s includes ten 30 minute training sessions and an unlimited month at the retreat. Train then relax and detox in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna, Detoxing Infrared Saunas, Cold Bucket Plunge (Boardman), Cool In-door and Out-door Showers (Ft. Lauderdale), Meditation Room with guided meditation, Move Room  and outdoor garden for earthing and fresh air (Ft. Lauderdale). Go from Session to Sauna!


Strength and endurance training using spring resistance works all your muscles from the neck to the toes. You begin with bent knees and advance to teaser transitions. Clients see a difference in 3 sessions and have a new body by 12 sessions. Waists pull in, strength increases in every muscle and the body looks longer and leaner. A healthy, strong body with a firm rear, is a Pilates body.

MAT Sessions

Some think that Matwork is the easiest of all Pilates workouts, but actually Joseph Pilates designed the equipment to get your body ready for mat. Using your own body against gravity the goal of matwork is to achieve perfect form. Flowing movement, precision, control and breath are all a part of Pilates, and nothing challenges these foundational skills more then matwork. Modifications are available for those with neck or back issues enabling you to strengthen the supporting muscles without losing alignment. Your core has never been challenged like it is in challenged in Pilates.

PRIVATE Sessions to get started

30-Minute Private Sessions are available in our Introductory package. All beginners must train prior to joining any session of 2-4 clients. Concentration is on learning the principles of Pilates and modifications to movements so you train the muscles correctly and do not start habits that will be hard to change as you advance. Please call or text for available times as these sessions are reserved quickly.


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