Ft. Lauderdale & Delray Beach Gatherings

Delray Beach November

11/2 | Alchemy of Sacred Sound | 7:30-9pm

Full Moon Planetary Gong Meditation ~ The Sound of the Gong carries the listener on a Journey much like the tides of the Ocean,where each wave returns and builds on the last, producing new and intricate tones.The Sound becomes so complex, so unpredictably trans-linear the human mind is unable to categorize it, enabling the Listener to learn to Listen in a completely New Way.  All are welcome ~please arrive by 7:15pm and wear comfortable clothing. More information  | $20/door

11/11 | Principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition: Food as Medicine | 1-4pm

You are what you eat. Ayurvedic wisdom shows how the food you eat is medicine. Learn simple dietary guidelines to follow based on your doshic body type. Understand the qualities of foods and how it affects the doshas, the basics of mindful eating, ways to build agni- the digestive fire, incompatible food combinations, and the power of a weekly fast. Please Reserve here: Save $10 by pre-registering

11/16 | Chakra Awakening: Navigating the Human Energy Body: Sacral Chakra

Thermae Retreat invites you on a Sacred Journey Into the Chakra’s. This is an ongoing series where each month, Debra Kelly, our Shamanic Practitioner will focus in depth on one Chakra, while integrating the Energy Body as a Whole. Learning to Navigate the Human Energy Body through Awareness is one of the most Powerful tools of Transformation. The energy flowing within us and around us responds to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  CHAKRA AWAKENING! RESERVE HERE