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Ft. Lauderdale  $45 for a day retreat | $129 monthly membership:

detoxing and relaxing saunas, meditation room, move room, and outdoor garden for grounding, herbal teas and fresh filtered water… come detox your mind and body for an hour or an afternoon

A Wonderful Thing  |  Join us in March!

At Thermae Retreat, we think of food as medicine. Given the proper nutrition, the body self-repairs and feels energized.
This month, we’re putting a focus on #NationalNutritionMonth.
Your body is your temple. Honor it every day.
True wellness goes much deeper than what you feed your body. The Thermae Experience is designed to nourish you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Color: Blue turquoise / aquamarine / smoky purple
    Location: Throat/Thymus
    Meaning: In Sanskrit, the “Vishudda” chakra means “purification”
    Function: Expression, communication, sound
    Seed mantra: HamDid you know that the throat chakra is associated with the thyroid gland /the
    endocrine system? This gland produces hormones that are essential for growth and
    maturation. Excessive stress, especially fear of speaking out, affects the thyroid. Singing stimulates this chakra, as does chanting the mantra “ham.”
    Purify and embolden your throat chakra with: Light-blue, in-sauna chromotherapy
    Deep blue lapis lazuli semi-precious stone massage


Do you desire to overcome self-doubt and freely express yourself? Relax. Melt into this guided meditation on the throat chakra, the bridge between head and heart. This inner journey will gently move you to release fear, purify the throat region, and cultivate a natural ease and confidence.
Download Thermae Retreat’s THROAT CHAKRA Meditation and begin…


    Journey Into the Vibrational Realms, Behind the Blue Curtain of the Subconscious mind, Bathe in the Temple of Sacred Sound, Scent, Crystals, Color and Light… Allow the Heart of your Soul to Journey to the Depths of your Being and Beyond….Straight to the Blueprint of your DNA Coding. Vibrational Healing is the way of the Future.This Session is designed to get you Aligned, Centered and in Touch with your Sacred Life Force…Which supports the process of gently uncovering unconscious elements. Awakening to your Inner Healer,  accesses your human energy field to assist in clearing blocks and unconscious patterns on the mental, emotional,spiritual and physical levels of our being.


Experience a tropical retreat just a mile from the beach, where seagulls swoop by in artful formation and the water is always warm and inviting. When you are standing by the sea, you are truly immersed in the rhythmic, healing waves and salt spray of the Atlantic.

A sunrise morning walk is recommended before joining us at Thermae Retreat…

The East coast is known for its brilliant orange and purple sunrises that dance on the water. Palm trees sway and the shells and sea glass decorate the sand. Just outside downtown this retreat is located in the front yard of one of Ft. Lauderdale’s historic neighborhoods, Rio Vista, lined with amazing Royal Poincianas, 100 year old Gumbo Limbos and Massive Banyan trees. Awesome. Our guests take advantage of our courtyard garden with outdoor shower. During fall and winter, the cool breeze feels amazing after a hot sauna. The Ft. Lauderdale location is held dear by all as it is the first Thermae Retreat established in 2013. It is where our first guests walked through the doors; some because of an illness or for prevention and some did not know why they were with us until they experienced their own personal journey. All we knew is that everyone came for a reason, and today that still stands in all our locations. The tribe at Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale is a mix of therapists with decades of experience, a Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a Naturopathic Doctor. Your guides are trained in Ayurvedic Medicine and Aesthetics or they are amazing souls that want to assist clients and members in their stillness.

Spending the afternoon in the sauna retreat is $45 and is included in all custom massages and skincare treatments. Unlimited Monthly Memberships start at $129 with no contracts. We also have a ‘Travelers Refuge’ Membership for members who travel often or come to town a few days a month for business.

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