Our Thermae Experience Sauna Retreat is included in your journey. Products are all safe, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free, certified organic, fair trade and ethically sourced. Gratuity not included. To honor your therapist and avoid cancellation fees, please give minimum 24 hours notice for a cancellation.

Thermae Custom Massage

Individual: 60 minutes $109 | 90 minutes $139 | 120 minutes $179
Couples: 60 minutes $219 | 90 minutes $279

Our Custom Massages are offered in single or couple’s sessions. Relax and detox in the sauna retreat and outdoor garden; when it’s time for your personal journey, you will be taken by your own therapist into a private room where a massage will be designed to align with what your body needs in that moment. For this reason, no two massages here are truly alike. Your massage may incorporate elements of relaxation, deeper pressure or Swedish. Your therapist may also include essential oils and warm towels for the ultimate personalized experience.

Couples Massage in our Private Akasha Room

60 minutes $239 | 90 minutes $299

Add a hydrotherapy soak | $39 each

Journey together in our private Akasha Room. Dual therapists will design a massage that aligns with the needs of your body in that moment. For this reason, no two massages here are truly alike. Warm towels, stones, essential oils, Swedish, relaxation or deeper pressure may all apart of this private experience.

Pre-Natal Massage

60 minutes $129

Prepared your heart, mind and soul for your beautiful journey into parenthood. Take time to be quiet and cared for with our Pre-Natal Massage. Our maternity massages focus on releasing tension, improving circulation and relieving back pain. Your therapist may introduce props and pillows to further cocoon you in relaxation and comfort.

Hot Stone Massage

60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $149

Heated basalt river rocks are placed on the body’s key energy points to stimulate and invigorate. Radiant heat soothes aches and tension. Increased blood flow draws out toxins, oxygenates and brings nutrients to targeted areas. This healing art form helps cleanse negativity and emanates healing power. One stroke with a Hot Stone is equal to 10 strokes with a hand. This grounding earth element of Hot Stones deeply penetrates the muscle layers. This massage takes you to the peak of relaxation and muscle stimulation.

Raindrop Therapy Massage

60 minutes $139

This unique therapy is a rejuvenating and deeply relaxing topical application that combines the science of aromatherapy with the techniques of Vita Flex, reflexology and light stroke massage. Raindrop Therapy stimulates all of your body’s systems on a physical and emotional level. Your therapist gently dispenses specific essential oils like “little raindrops” along your spine, back, feet and shoulders. The oils are worked into the skin using soft, feather-like movements and strokes. This not only releases muscle tightness and pain without force and restores immediate physical well being, but also sets in motion healing processes that you will feel for weeks.

Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $159

This massage is perfect if you are experiencing chronic pain, stiff neck, upper or lower back pain, muscle tightness, osteoarthritis pain or fibromyalgia Deep tissue massage is not simply a Swedish massage with more pressure. At the beginning of the massage, lighter pressure is applied to warm you up and prepare your muscles. Your therapist may use their fingertips, knuckles, hands, elbows, and forearms. You may be asked to breathe deeply as tense areas are tended to. The use of sauna prior to your treatment softens muscles, releases tension and takes this massage to a whole other level.  If you are pregnant or have/had blood clots, please check with your doctor or choose a different treatment.

Organic Essential Oil High Frequency Massage

60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $149

Your therapist will choose the exact essential oils with the healing properties that your body needs that day, then weave a tapestry of these oils to wrap you in healing energy. When you inhale essential oils, messages are transmitted to your limbic system, which has a calming effect on your heart rate and stress level. These magical healing oils can also lower blood pressure, improve memory and digestion, and revitalize your immune system. Truly a journey for both your mind and body.

Lymphatic Drainage

60 minutes $129

Lymphatic drainage massage is a profound technique that improves your lymph flow, boosts your immune function and enhances the quality of your skin. Harmful substances are removed from your tissues and neutralized in your nodes. The benefits of caring for yourself with this massage multiply as unblocking your lymph flow stimulates an increased production of lymphocytes, further enhancing your immune function. Lymphatic drainage massage also speeds your recovery from sports injuries. This massage will clear your tissue of debris and reduce the minor edema that sometimes occurs with injuries. Post massage, you’ll ease into the next phase of your journey with us while enjoying the glow of healing and awakening.

Medical Massage/Neuromuscular Trigger point Therapy with Stephanie Miller

30 minutes $69 | 60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $159 | 2 hours full body $199

Integrative Myofascial Release:

This is a deep connective tissue massage that incorporates myofascial release with other modalities such as the neurostim device and other instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization tools. Myofascial release is a safe and very effective hands-on technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure Ito the skin to detect connective tissue restrictions; in order to eliminate pain and restore motion. It aims to release myofascial (connective tissue) restrictions in the body, and to break up any restrictive scar tissue. It has also been known to relieve chronic tension,  increase range of motion, improve posture, and restore length and flexibility to the muscles and fascia. Results are typically seen after the first session but it is recommended for a series of 2 to 10 sessions for maximum benefits.

Dolphin Neurostim MPS (Microcurrent Point Stimulation) Therapy:
30 minutes $79 | 60 minutes $139 | 90 minutes $169 | 2-hour $209 | Package of 10 available for chronic issues

This tool combines the principles of acupuncture with modern neurology, without the use of needles. It has been proven effective for a variety of conditions from trigger points, frozen shoulder, TMJ, diabetic neuropathy and even releasing scar tissue. MMPS Therapy is the world’s first integrative therapy developed exclusively to sympathetically deregulate the autonomic nervous system and fight chronic pain. The device is engineered to detect and treat these active points with great scientific precision and potency, providing stimulation of all three systems at once — nervous, muscular and endocrine. MPS has been a remarkable success in the fight against chronic pain. The results are so impressive using this approach that complete or substantial relief (60-85%+) from pain often occurs within 1 to 3 applications. Most patients require 2 to 10 treatments for lasting outcomes, with some chronic patients requiring ongoing daily or bi-weekly applications. MPS protocols may be quickly individualized to any patient’s needs.

Thermae Retreat Energy Work Massages:

Soul Harmony Massage | with Shamanic Practitioner, Miko Riveron, LMT

60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $149

You are an energetic being, so we created this beautiful experience for you to marry the deep benefits of massage therapy with the power of energy work. A sound bath with move through you with gongs, singing bowls and chimes along with crystals, incense and basalt warm stones that will open your muscles and chakras, releasing negative energy (including emotional). You will emerge with an overall feeling of calm and clarity while releasing what no longer serves you.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) by MiCHAEL Riveron, L.M.T.

30 minutes: $69 | 60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $159

Craniosacral Therapy, or CST, is a light-touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your life. CST releases tensions deep in your body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. Using a gentle touch – starting with about the weight of a nickel – your practitioner will evaluate your internal environment. He then uses distinctive light-touch techniques to release any restrictions he finds. By freeing the central nervous system to perform at its best, CST naturally eliminates your pain and stress, strengthens your resistance to disease, and enhances your health and well-being. Because it’s so gentle, CST can be effective for all ages, from newborns to elders.

Raindrop Therapy Massage with Craniosacral Therapy Combination Massage

90 minutes $179 | 120 minutes $209

This custom massage opens the doors for healing on the highest level. We bring two of Thermae’s most beautiful therapies together in one amazing journey for you. This treatment seeks to restore the natural position of the bones, resets the nervous system and relaxes your muscles and mind on the deepest level.

Cupping Therapy with Dr. Anisha Durve, D.O.M.

60 minutes $119 | 90 minutes $149 (by appointment only)

Cupping is, essentially, the inverse of massage. Rather than applying pressure to muscles, the suction of the cups uses pressure to pull the skin, tissue and muscles upward. It enhances circulation, relieves pain, removes “heat” in the body and extracts toxins from the body’s tissue. In Chinese medicine, pain is a result of stagnation. During a cupping treatment, old stagnant blood is brought to the surface so that new blood can flow more smoothly through your body. This therapy causes the skin to temporarily turn red, blue or purple. This is a sign that the therapy is doing its work, especially if there is an injury or energetic blockage under the area that is cupped.