Thermae offers classical and progressive styles of Mat Pilates, Manifestation Meditation, Strength & Movement, and Dance Sessions. Choose duet or private sessions or group classes consisting of 3-8 people. The small, intimate class size allows your instructor to assist you when needed, correcting your form and making sure class is flowing for everyone. As you advance, so will your practice. Your instructor encourages you to keep challenging yourself by opening up from the inside-out and from the outside-in. 


: Members: 1 class: $18 | package of 10 $150 | Non-Members: 1 class $20 | package of 10 $180
Duet: 60 minute session $45 per person | 5 or more sessions $40 per session per person
Private Sessions: $35 for 30 minutes | $70 for 60 minutes

Pilates clients receive 20% off Thermae Sauna Retreat memberships.

Choose from the following types of Pilate, Meditation, Strength and Movement sessions:

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PIlates Matwork | Trainer: Brooke: Flowing movement, precision, control and breath are all a part of Pilates, and nothing challenges these foundational skills more than matwork. Some think that matwork is the easiest of all Pilates workouts, but actually Joseph Pilates designed the reformer equipment to get your body ready for the mat. The goal of matwork is to achieve perfect form while using your own body against gravity. Modifications are available if you have neck or back issues, allowing you to strengthen your core and supporting muscles without losing alignment.

Manifestation Meditation | Instructor: Flowerchild: Meditations to help manifest your deepest desires while aligning your chakras, taking time to unwind so that you can recenter and become more productive on your life path. 
Here is what you can expect: sage cleansing | guided meditation | creative visualization | crystal healing | sound healing

Strength & Movement | Trainer: Jen: Description to come!

Dance | tba: Description to come!

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Private Sessions and Duets: This type of  training is geared to exactly your needs and level. These one-on-one private or duet sessions with an expert instructor allow you to go at a pace that enables you to continually perfect your form, increase strength, flexibility and healing of the mind reaching your personal goals. The focus is also on learning the principles of Pilate, Meditation and Movement so you are able to take your practice with you anywhere you go. Call or text for available times as reserved spots are limited.
Coming Soon: Booking your session or class online!