Please note at our locations you are welcome to wear a mask during your time with us if that makes you feel more comfortable.
We are providing an Air Filtration system in our main reception area (Delray Beach), and keeping our high standards of cleanliness using all botanical disinfectants for those with sensitivities along with natural hand sprays around the retreat for extra prevention. Everything at Thermae Rereat is by appointment.

Florida’s East Coast is famous for its brilliant orange sunrises that dance on the ocean waves. Palm trees sway in the sea breeze, wild parrots flock, and white sand glistens along the shore. It’s a gorgeous setting for recharging the body, stimulating the mind, and awakening the soul.

Just outside downtown, Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale can be found in the front yard of Rio Vista, one of the city’s stunning historic neighborhoods, lined with Royal Poincianas,100-year-old Gumbo Limbos and Massive Banyan trees. The Ft. Lauderdale location is held dear by all, as it’s the first Thermae Retreat established in 2013. Its intimate feel allows our members to call it their second home.

We welcome you to join us for the experience you need right at this moment. Whether it’s feeling any perceived challenges melt away in the gentle heat of our Finnish and Infrared Saunas or grounding in our garden as you are kissed by the ocean air, it is our pleasure to support your journey.

Allow your body to melt and your spirit to fly with our unique Thermae Experience. Our Custom Massages, organic Custom Facials, sacred Energy Work, exfoliating Body Scrubs, detoxing Clays, Hydrotherapy tub and Move Room are all available to you as part of your journey to lightness and balance. Pour yourself into the loving hands of one of our skilled therapists and aestheticians who will awaken you on a deeper level than merely the physical. Take time to savor the stillness in our Meditation Room, a private, tranquil space equipped with a SolTec chaise lounge, which allows you to sink effortlessly into a deep meditative state using vibration and music.

Our guests take full advantage of our courtyard garden with outdoor shower. During fall and winter, the cool breeze feels amazing as you rinse and refresh after a hot sauna. Far beyond any average day spa in Ft. Lauderdale or beyond, our Thermae Retreat guides are available to help you customize your visit for exactly what you need on any given day.

Unlimited monthly memberships are available (and there are no contracts to sign) or you may also simply visit us for an afternoon or evening to release and awaken with a sauna or a treatment. Our signature sauna retreat is included with your experience.

The tribe at Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale includes an impressive roster of therapists, master estheticians, meditation teacher, Shamanic practitioner, and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. We also have a private studio that offers Meditation, Movement, Pilates and Strength Classes. One and all, they are amazing souls who are waiting to assist you on your path to optimal wellness and inner peace.










Guided | Private | Self Guided | Active | Manifestation

Summer Classes & Workshops

Throughout the week in the Flow Room:
Manifestation Meditation | Pilates Flow | Sacred Movement Class | Group Acupuncture | Yoga Nidra and more!
Ft. Lauderdale | Call for more information: 954-604-7930

Take time for self-care – Check your Thermae location for classes and workshops throughout the week.

Join Shaman Michael Bluemoon @ Thermae Ft. Lauderdale for a New Moon and Full Moon intention Gong Ceremony and Sound Bath Journey. 7:30 PM | check for days as it changes with the moon cycle.
Gathering is in the Flow Classroom with selenite infused walls.

Group Acupuncture with Dr. Anisha Durve, D.O.M.
Meet monthly and be a part of a small gathering for acupuncture and relaxing meditation. Dr. Anisha Durve is a remarkable Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Author and Thermae Retreat doctor on grounds every Wednesday and Friday by appointment. 


Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale

604 South Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

from I-95 exit Broward Boulevard East / Federal Highway South / through tunnel on East side

c/t: 954.604.7930

Monday | Wednesday | Friday 9 AM – 9 PM
Tuesday | Thursday | Saturday 9 AM – 4 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 4 PM