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Delray Beach  $45 for a day pass | $159 unlimited monthly membership:
detoxing and relaxing infrared & finnish saunas, meditation room, move area and outdoor garden for grounding… come detox your mind and body for an hour or an afternoon | sauna retreat is included in all treatments at Thermae Retreat


Experience a retreat in a beautiful custom built Mediterranean style house that has been transformed into Thermae Retreat Delray BeachThe outdoor showers are under a magnificent Mango tree where a tiny owl named Ben looks down as you rinse with cool filtered water after a hot sauna. This retreat has an amazing sauna room with a custom built Finnish sauna and detoxing infrared saunas with far, mid and near waves along with chromotherapy (light therapy) to help deepen your detox, help you relax and benefit the skin and organs. Custom massages, Reiki and Cupping sessions, Sacred Body work and Energy Medicine, biodynamic facials and exfoliating body bindis (scrubs) by therapy specialists, along with our tranquil meditation room are all a part of your journey. Delray Beach has a beautiful sense of community and our members take advantage of the ‘move room’ prior to entering the saunas to get the detoxing process going, circulation moving and lymphatic systems draining. Some members come in to be still in the meditation room for 30 minutes and are then ready to continue their day. We are here for whatever you need at the moment. Unlimited monthly memberships are available and there are no contracts to sign. Or join us for the afternoon or evening to release and awaken with a sauna or a treatment.

From Thermae Retreat’s Meditation Series of Classes, Nutrition workshops and personalized Astrological Readings to Sacred Sound Baths for private gatherings.

Thermae Retreat’s Meditation Class Series | Call to reserve your space 561-332-5883
WEDNESDAYS | Movement Meditation with Lacey | 10 AM on the Deck
THURSDAYS | Manifesting Meditation Series with Flowerchild | 10 AM


The Crown Chakra
The crown chakra is associated with the brain, pituitary and pineal glands, and hypothalamus, which regulates the endocrine (nervous) system. This energetic gateway gives access to unity consciousness as we expand beyond our personal preoccupations and visions. It is the place where time and timelessness intersect.

Ready to experience communion with the infinite? This guided meditation on the crown chakra will help you:

• Reconnect with your higher, divine self and cosmic consciousness
• Get out of your head and release “earthly concerns”
• Connect with the formless and all potential
• Liberate you from limiting patterns and beliefs
• Open your mind and feel deep peace

Settle your nerves and awaken your crown chakra with:
• Violet light in-sauna chromotherapy
• Singing bowls and gong sound bath
• Cranial-sacral or Access Bar session
• Our special oil blend to open the crown
• The yoga asanas of Lotus Pose, Corpse Pose and Headstand

Tracks: 2
Run time: Total 35 minutes

Price: $15.00
Download the Thermae Retreat CROWN CHAKRA MEDITATION here:



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