Delray Organic Facials

Thermae Nourishe Holistic Facial | 60-75 Minutes $139
Thermae Starflower Signature Facial
| 60 minutes $109
all skincare products are organic, bio-dynamic and wildcrafted

In Honor of the The Third Eye Chakra Celebration all February Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Sandalwood, Frankincense or Clary Sage Oils will be added to all treatments along with the laying of Anja cleansing stones to help clear your Third Eye Chakra.

Thermae’s Nourishe Holistic Facial:
A phenomenal combination of effective skin revitalization and deep relaxation.  The combination of lymphatic activation, acupressure and deep tissue detoxification creates a rejuvenation for the skin, connective tissue and muscles of the head, face, neck and chest at the same time restoring healthy fascia.  Simultaneously, a quadra-phasic infusion of organic herbs, barks, plants, mushrooms, naturally-occurring fatty acids, fruit extracts, and botanical oils open and strengthen the capillary walls, stimulate a release of stored-up toxins, encourage stronger blood flow, and create a natural, yet powerful blast of oxygen to your cells. Skin looks softer and glowing immediately, and as continued treatments happen, the glow becomes permanent. Oxygen is the critical source of all cell function, however is ineffective as an ingredient. The creation of this treatment applies the creative composition of the 4 unique formulas that increase the skin’s ability to use oxygen fully in the cellular cycle which is the most valuable component in having beautiful, healthy skin.
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Thermae’s Starflower Signature Facial:
Food grade organic ingredients such as essential omega oils, bio-dynamic herbs, flower hydrosols and rare essential oils will increase microcirculation, accelerate cell renewal and improve your skins elasticity and health. Your therapist will draw from the many Starflower products that will be particularly helpful to your skincare needs. Your facial will include cleansing, customized masks, facial massage, cell regenerative serums and moisturizer applications. This facial will reduce redness and emotional stress, balance, hydrate and rejuvenate your skin. Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Today:
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