Delray Gatherings

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Delray Beach February

EVERY MONDAY | Mom’s Monday Morning Meditation and Detox | 9 – 12 noon
Drop the kids and take an hour or two for yourself or with a friend:

  • detox in the infrared saunas
  • relax with guided meditation
  • sip on herbal tea or organic juice
    $35 per person

FEB 15 | New Moon Planetary Gong Sacred Sound Session 7:30 – 9 PM

Align your Chakras with Sacred Sound! Join Shamanic Practitioner, Debra Kelly as she leads us through the magical visions.
The gong has the ability to open the Chakras and Energy Channels, allowing the Body, Mind and Spirit to Transform. This Ancient and Spiritual Gong meditation has been used for centuries to provide Clarity of Sacred Vision by cleansing the subconscious mind and strengthening the Auric field.
Leave reason and Logic at the Door. Connect to the Breath of Life and Spirit, step into the world of Feeling. This we must remember … “Returning to the Oneness”

~ Debra Kelly ۞

All are welcome ~please arrive by 7:15pm and wear comfortable clothing. More information  | $20/door

Delray Beach March

WOMAN’S RETREAT | ‘The Authentic You’

March 9, 10 & 11| 5th Chakra | The Throat | Blue
creativity  truth  infinite possibilities  resolution

“Celebrate Women,” Join us 1-3 days for detoxing saunas, massage, exfoliating scrubs & clays and organic facials using turquoise and blue agate, chamomile and basil to open the Throat Chakra – infinite possibilities, truth, clarity

Day 1 – 3 breakdown of treatments, workshops and ceremonies

Tickets and Information

MAR 3 | Creating Healthy Relationships | 11 AM – 2 PM
Hosted by SpreadHappy and Thermae Retreat 

How to have heathy relationships with your outer circle of friends and family, your inner circle, your intimate partner, and yourself.

Do you tend to create similar relationships in your life? Attract the same type of person? Same movie, different cast? If that’s the case, come and join us for a workshop focused on seeing the truth, and recognizing our part in relationships, and how we can improve them.

You wlll learn how to have heathy relationships with your outer circle of friends and family, your inner circle, your intimate partner, and yourself.

Create healthy relationships with your spouse, your co-workers and family. In fact, any and all relationships will be improved through this workshop. Learn the missing link and the inside-out understanding, and you will no longer be at the mercy of others.

This is an intimate setting with a limited number of participants, so that you will get our full attention. Please book early to reserve your space. Thermae Retreat is offering a $25 gift card to the retreat when you book your workshop before February 17th.
Tickets | $850 includes training manual and supplies

January 2018

January 4 Full Moon Ceremony | $20

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM EST

Please join our Shamanic practitioner, Debra Kelly for the first planetary gong ceremony to welcome in the New Year 2018 Full Moon.This special evening will combine a focus on opening the Solar Plexus chakra center and the planetary gong ceremony!

The gong has the ability to open the Chakras and Energy Channels, allowing the Body, Mind and Spirit to Transform. Sound vibration will cleanse the subconscious mind and strengthen the auric field.

Solar Plexus~ there is a place where your Dreams await your Remembering…stretch your Breath out to the Central Sun & the Galactic Sun … draw that Golden Liquid Light into every particle of your Being….take your Power back from all the places you have left it behind. I am, you are, the light of a thousand Suns, Shining as the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.The Magical Cosmic Alchemy that reaches beyond your ordinary perception, beckoning you to feel into the Inner Fire of Passion & Open to the ever expanding Presence and Power of Life. All your Beginnings, all your Returns, mirror a loving Universe that knows and SEES past old paradigms into the Horizon of the Golden Light Spiral … inviting your Awareness to meet the intersection within, where Earth and Sky Blaze to the Heartbeat of your own Transformation.~Debra Kelly
Tickets available on FB, Eventbrite and at the door. Please wear comfortable clothing and arrive early. 

January 14 – February 11 | RESTART Your Health this New Year | 2:30 PM | Cost: $195 *Sign up on/before January 7 and pay only $175

What better time to reset your health than the new year?
This is your chance to finally follow through on those resolutions and start taking better care of your body, mind, and soul. You deserve to make yourself a priority. You deserve to look and feel the way you’ve always wanted. All you have to do is show up and believe you can do it. Trust me, you can!

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: RESTART is a 5-week series consisting of:
• Nutritional education & resources
• A 3-week sugar detox & real food diet
• Peer support in person & on Facebook
Empowering you with guidance, support, and resources to ensure your success!

• Fat loss
• Increased energy
• Improved digestion
• Better sleep
• Reduced cravings
• Improved mental clarity & function
• Better blood sugar regulation
• Reduced PMS/menopause symptoms
• Stronger immune system
• Better understanding of nutrition & your body!

No diet “food,” measuring, or counting involved. Just real nutrition, practical advice, and community support to help you take better control of your health.

Week 1 – Preparation
Review what to eat, helpful resources, and self-care tips

Week 2 – Digestion
Learn what affects your digestion and how to improve it!

Week 3 – Blood Sugar
Discover how sugar affects your body, why it can be so harmful, and how to find it hidden in your food.

Week 4 – Fats
Uncover the truth about healthy and unhealthy fats – why it matters, which to eat and avoid, and which to use for cooking.

Week 5 – Congratulations!
YOU DID IT! Celebrate, reflect, and learn how to eat for your health long-term.

Includes the RESTART® Cookbook, all program materials, and a session in the infrared sauna! While taking the class, you can also enjoy 10% off any retreat treatment, including facials, massage, detoxing clays and full body exfoliation treatments.

January 15 | Detox Mondays Happy Hour Saunas | 6:30 – 9 PM (monthly)

$25 at the door for Guests/Clients | Complimentary for all Thermae Members

Discover the art of detoxification, cleansing and renewing at Thermae Retreat of Delray. Come unwind in our saunas and discover how heating your core and sweating can benefit your mind, body and spirit. Our organic retreat is your retreat this evening.

Wellness guides assist you through two unique sauna sessions, Thermae’s stillness and move rooms. Begin in the Move Room to get lymphatic drainage and circulation moving. Next to the saunas! The is the traditional Hot Stone Finnish Sauna with aufguss (infusion of oils onto the hot stones from steam and aromatherapy; next to Thermae’s stillness room listening to guided meditation or frequency music to relax the mind, cleanse the spirit and rebuild DNA. When you are ready, enter the detoxing Infrared Sauna for a thirty minute-session. This sauna is widely known for detoxing the body, calming inflammation, bringing down blood pressure, calming soreness in muscles, breaking down cellulite and relaxing the body and mind. Thermae’s infrared saunas also offer Chromotherapy in each sauna. Each color of light offers a different frequency and each frequency penetrates into the body helping cells to relax, cleanse, calm, rebuild and renew from head to toe.
Outdoor showers are used to rinse after each sauna and fresh filtered water with added oxygen is given to replenish the body during your saunas. Organic juice shots from JuiceBuzz will fill you with nutrients.

  • Juice Shot from JuiceBuzz
  • Session in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna with aufguss
  • Move Room
  • Outdoor showers
  • Relaxation space with guided meditation
  • 30 minute Infrared Sauna session
  • Pure, filtered oxygen-rich water
  • Towels for use in Sauna and Showers

Thermae Retreat is your destination for awakening, self-realization, healing and holistic therapies, all centered around our saunas!

Coming in January…

Spread Happy Transformational Group Coaching with Andi & Lee

Thermae Retreat · Delray Beach, FL | $35 per session
Live and experience your innate well-being and gain a fresh new perspective on life during this transformational coaching series. Andi and Lee, founders of SpreadHappy, will share the inside-out understanding. You will gain clarity and confidence. This understanding will help you to eliminate struggle and stress and get out of your own way. Create more abundance and happiness in your life now!
Yes, it is possible!Create a shift in your vision; once you see the world differently, the world around you changes. Over the past 15 years, Andi and Lee have coached clients with severe anxieties and trauma, as well as those who just feel stuck. Together they provide guidance for their clients, teaching them how to tap in to their own inner wisdom and use the innate tools we all have to solve any situation with confidence, from the inside out.
They have trained and worked for great leaders such as Tony Robbins, Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP, Michael Neil, Bob Proctor, and Dr. Robert Holden.As transformational coaches, they bring their skills together and passionately encourage their clients to live an EMPOWERED life.


3rd Monday of the month
Members Mondays ‘Happy Hour’ 7 – 9 pm | call to reserve your spot
Members FREE and bring a friend for $25
Come in to detox in the infrared sauna, relax in the hot stone Finnish sauna, find stillness in the meditation room and enjoy the outdoor shower under the mango tree to rinse and cool the body. Have a ‘shot’ of fresh organic juice and good conversation while you detox, relax and renew. If you would like to add a massage please call to reserve your space. 561-332-5883

Past Events…


Nov 2 |  Full Moon Planetary Gong Meditation 7:30-9 pm
description coming soon

Nov 11 | Food as Medicine: Principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition 1-4pm | reserve
You are what you eat. Ayurvedic wisdom shows how the food you eat is medicine. Learn simple dietary guidelines to follow based on your doshic body type. Understand the qualities of foods and how it affects the doshas, the basics of mindful eating, ways to build agni- the digestive fire, incompatible food combinations, and the power of a weekly fast. Most importantly, learn how our diet affects our mind, emotions, and quality of our thoughts. Develop your intuition to eat in harmony with your body.

Testimonial: Great overview. Enough depth to start while keeping it reasonable and achievable.This course has started me on a path of self-improvement on many levels.

Part 4 of the Ayurveda Wellness Workshop Series at Thermae Retreat in Delray Beach

Nov 16 | Chakra Awakening: Navigating the Human Energy Body 7:30-9 pm
description coming soon