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The Thermae Experience was HEAVEN on earth (Y.G.)

The crowning jewel of your visit to our retreat is the Thermae Experience. We call it an “experience” because, ultimately, it results in a return to balance, inner stillness and clarity, and a restorative sense of calm and confidence. How you “experience” these sensations will be very personal to you.

It begins the moment you enter our front door and are warmly welcomed by our retreat guides, who embody these qualities, as well. As you take off your shoes, slip into sandals, remove your watch and power off your phone, the tranquility that is Thermae will subtly begin to permeate your senses. The journey is yet to come.

The Thermae Experience lays the foundation for inner transformation by guiding you through a very intentional flow of physical steps:

Move Room

Here you will find vibrational training equipment and NASA-studied rebounders, along with wall charts that step you through simple exercises. All of them promote circulation, break down cellulite, strengthen bones and muscles, and encourage the flow of fluids through the lymphatic and circulatory systems. Go at your own pace, gentle or energetic, for about 10 to 20 minutes. All of these “movements” prepare your body to receive and reap maximum detox benefits from the saunas.

Finnish Sauna

Enter the warmth of the Finnish Sauna with fresh towels and chilled bottle of purified water at your side. Your retreat guide will slowly pour special oils over the hot coals, deliciously infusing the air with birch, eucalyptus or citrus. Breathe deeply and savor the therapeutic scents as they envelop you. Sore muscles? Outside the sauna is a separate space for plunging cold  water over sore areas of your body. Known as “contrast therapy”, this encourages blood flow and muscle recovery, closes the pores and pulls blood back into the vital organs, reducing inflammation. Slip back into the sauna for as long as you’d like. Our Finnish saunas are custom built for each location with pure cedar wood and are specially designed to be toxin-free.

Infrared Sauna

Aahh, now it’s time for another crucial step in your renewal: the Infrared Sauna. Each private, cozy sauna cabin emanates a soft heat (110 to 150°) that is easily monitored from a control panel inside. (We suggest 30-minute sessions at 130° for optimal detoxing benefits.) The panel also gives you access to chromotherapy (light and color therapy); personalize your desired colors to balance your body’s energy/chakra systems (and don’t worry, all of these choices are spelled out on the pages of an in-sauna booklet for easy reference). Our non-EMF infrared saunas made of eco-certified cedar / basswood offer the only combination of carbon and ceramic far infrared heaters. The carbon allows the heaters to produce long-wave, far infrared heat, which penetrates deeper into the body; the ceramic compound gives the heaters a very high infrared output. Sit back and drift into the glow and flow for about 30 to 45 minutes. To deepen your relaxation even more, listen to one of our Thermae Retreat Chakra Series guided meditations.

Rinse and Scrub

After your experience in the Finnish and/or Infrared Saunas, head directly to our showers for a cool/cool soothing rinse. Within reach of each shower sits an ample bowl of medium-coarse body salt. Take your time and apply the salt to your body then rinse. This exfoliating step further boosts detoxification through the skin. The sauna starts the process and the salt scrub gives your skin (the largest organ of your body) an extra assist. Plus your skin will feel amazingly soft and polished.

Meditation Room

Now that you feel more centered, the stage is perfectly set for the final step: Relaxing in our Zen-inspired Meditation Room. This is where everything settles in and integrates. Sink into a comfortable chaise lounge to clear your mind and connect with your spirit. Enjoy some hot organic tea as you rest in the soft light of Himalayan pink salt lamps. Feel free to meditate or sit quietly for as long as you’d like. In our Florida locations, take time in the outdoor gardens for grounding, fresh air and outdoor showers. In these moments, there’s no place you need to be, and nothing you need to do. Our Boardman and Fort Lauderdale locations offer state-of-the-art SolTec lounges with sound/vibration therapy that induces deeper and deeper states of meditation. Choose calming music or a guided meditation on your personal lounge and linger in a healing alpha-wave state of supreme relaxation.

Because we want your retreat to feel “timeless”, there is no set schedule that you need to be on during your experience. Go at your own pace through the above steps. If you’re having a massage, facial, bodywork or other treatment the same day, you will be awed by how deeply the Thermae Experience prepares your receptivity for it–on all levels, including energetically.

You simply must experience our “Experience.” With all that you do, you so deserve this level of serenity for a few hours or an afternoon.

Book your customized Experience by choosing your location. Call or text: Ft. Lauderdale 954-604-7930 or Delray Beach 561-332-5883