Boardman Memberships


$40 for a day pass or $109 for a monthly membership … find out how Thermae Retreat can take you to a place of relaxation even if you only have an hour.

So many reasons to become a Thermae Retreat Monthly Member…

  • Unlimited Monthly use of the Hot Stone Finnish and Detoxing Infrared Saunas with Chromotherapy (light therapy) and Guided Meditation
  • Cold Bucket Plunge, Cool Rinsing Showers, Women’s & Men’s Locker Rooms
  • Meditation and SolTec Lounge Rooms
  • Move Room with Rebounder to move the lymphatic system and Vibration Trainers to break down cellulite and move the circulatory system
  • 10% off all treatments
  • 25% off Thermae Retreat Monthly Special Treatment
  • FREE Monthly Guest Pass ($40 value)
  • Fresh Filtered Water and Herbal Teas
  • No contracts, sign-up fees or cancellation fees

$109 | Full Retreat | towels not included
$129 | Couples $249 – Full Retreat | towels are included

AWAKEN MEMBERSHIP | Includes Towels and One Treatment: $209 | Couples $409
Plus – $100 towards any treatment (special offers not included)

THERMAE CUSTOM MEMBERSHIP | Monthly Membership including a treatment or service that changes throughout the year | $dba

:15 – :30 in the Move Room | Dry Brush the Skin | :15 in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna | Cool/Cold Shower | :30 in the Infrared Sauna | :20 – :60 in the Meditation Room
Herbal Detox Tea and Fresh Filtered Water
Once a Month Detox Treatment:
Exfoliating Body Scrub or Dry Brush Treatment
Thermae Retreat’s Environmental Detox Clay Wrap or Slurry
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for members who travel or visit often
$250 Infrared Sauna Only | $350 Full Retreat
10 Sessions to be used within a 6-month period

One Year Membership $1299 | Towels Included

Explanation of Sauna Benefits:

  • Detoxification
    • The Infrared Sauna penetrates into the skin and heats your body from the inside out, leaving the air around you quite comfortable. Infrared saunas heat up the muscles, organs and fat cells drawing toxins out through our most efficient way to detox the body – the skin. This takes pressure pressure off of your kidneys, liver and lungs. Our saunas also calm inflammation which is the foundation of many diseases including arthritis. These saunas are recommended for everyone to use daily, and are extremely beneficial for anyone going through a detox or just off chemotherapy.
  • Anti-Aging & Skin Purification
    • The Infrared Sauna can help stimulate collagen production in your body which in turn may reduce wrinkles and improve overall skin health.
  • Pain Relief
    • Infrared Saunas help in penetrating tissue, joints, and muscles to help relieve pain. Whether you have minor aches and pains or chronic pain conditions, Infrared Saunas are proven to help decrease pain and assist in pain management.
  • Relaxation
    • Unlike traditional saunas which usually operate at very high temperatures, Infrared Saunas operate in a gentle and soothing manner. Infrared Saunas help users to relax while receiving a deep tissue sweat.
  • Improved Circulation
    • Heating muscles with infrared rays produces an increase in blood flow similar to what happens to the body during exercise. Regular infrared sauna use can significantly stimulate blood flow by up to twice the normal rate.
  • Lower Blood Pressure
    • Infrared Saunas help to encourage deep sweat which makes the heart beat faster, which increases blood flow, helping to lower blood pressure and circulation. The heat also opens blood vessels and  so is good to help with high blood pressure.
  • Weight Loss
    • Studies have shown that Infrared Sauna sessions can burn between 300-500 calories per session.

The Amazing Benefits of Thermae Retreat’s Sauna Retreat…We are proud to offer custom made Cedar Finnish Saunas and Clearlight Infrared Saunas. They are toxin free with no EMFs and shown to detox the body, relieve muscular pain, quicken healing, lower blood pressure, clean the skin, assist with weight loss and calm inflammation. The heat from the Finnish Sauna is more intense causing the body to perspire almost immediately. At Thermae Retreat, it is our pleasure to offer a traditional “aufugss” (infusion) of oils onto the hot stones in the Finnish Sauna. The sauna fills with steam and scents like eucalyptus, birch, and fresh orange leaving your body feeling awake and refreshed. If you are feeling  a bit congested, we can apply more specific oils that have been shown to help clear breathing passageways and assist with the immune system. From sauna we always go to a cool/cold shower. This hot-cold therapy is wonderful to boost your immune system, strengthen blood vessels and calm muscle pain. Each session is like a workout to the circulatory system, for instance in the Infrared sauna while your mind relaxes to guided meditation; a single 30 minute session burns between 300-500 calories and both types of saunas rejuvenate and refresh the skin through sweating away impurities and dead cells. Skin looks younger and refreshed. Chromotherapy or Light therapy in each Infrared Sauna enhances healing, movement of systems, and relaxation during your sauna session. Each color offers a different frequency and so a different healing, renewing or relaxing aspect adding even more benefit to your sauna experience.