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A JOURNEY BEYOND | One day retreat journey
Our Journey Beyond includes some of our most relaxing treatments that will help you feel renewed. This retreat day or evening includes a traditional aufguss (infusion of aromatherapy oils) in the Finnish Sauna, 20-minute Soak in the Hydrotherapy Bath with dead sea salts filled with minerals, essential oils and 38-jets, 60-minute Custom Massage, Custom Organic Cleansing and Hydrating Facial with youthful hand treatment, 40-minute session in the Detoxing, Muscle Relaxing Infrared Sauna and a delightful organic lunch or dinner.
$349 | Member pricing: $315

Spend the day cleansing inside and outside the body. Detox for prevention or join us to assist a detox you are under-going now. First, a session in the Move Room to awake the lymphatic system and begin the detoxing process of the cells. The most efficient way to release toxins is through the skin - with a bottle of cold water to replenish, the sweating process starts in the Hot Stone Finnish Sauna where we do a traditional aufguss (infusion of oils onto the stones). Take advantage of contrast therapy – spend 15 minutes in the Finnish sauna then exit the sauna and enter the cold bucket plunge room. Fill the bucket and pour cold water over the body – then back into the sauna for 10 minutes. This therapy boosts the immune system and strengthens blood vessels. Relax with a warm cup of herbal detox tea. Your next treatment is a 90-Minute Custom Massage. The therapist will spend time working all the muscles and tendons. Warm towels or hot stones may be used on parts of the body that are tight with tension. Then it is time to sweat out the toxins that have been released in your massage treatment during your 30-minute Infrared Sauna Session with chromotherapy and a blend of detoxing essential oils that fill the sauna and relax the mind. Using saunas to detox the body takes pressure off the kidneys and liver and is an incredible compliment to a weight loss program. After your infrared sauna, a cool shower, then relax in the meditation room with fresh filtered water to replenish the cells. Now time for your Exfoliating Full Body Dry Brush followed by your Detox Clay Heated Wrap or Clay Slurry; remove metals, environmental toxins and radiation. Take a cool shower and then replenish again, this time with liquid minerals. Fresh Cold Pressed Juice, herbal tea and fresh filtered water are offered before, after and during treatments to replenish the body along the way.
$299 | Members $269

One to Three day Retreats. 

Includes your choice of delicious organic fresh juices, smoothies and salads, superfood snacks and fresh fruits. For Local Residents: Spend the nights in your own bed and the days at the retreat. Those coming from out of town are welcome to stay in one of our local hotels or utilize Air B&B.

Take advantage of the natural trails around glistening lakes for silent hiking during Spring and Summer and heat your body in a hot cedar sauna then jump into fresh white fallen snow during fall and winter time;  it’s back to nature in Boardman Ohio. The forest scents and cool air allow your spirit to rise.
A cold bucket plunge is located right outside the custom Finnish sauna and next to the meditation room is a private space with Soltec lounges. These lounges were developed to help you get deeper and deeper into a meditative state using vibration and music. Any of our amazing relaxing and healing holistic treatments can be a part of your journey. We specialize in customizing retreats for what you need. Relaxation, Detoxing or Spiritual, or a combination. We are here to assist you in finding what you seek. Our dedicated Therapists, Spiritual Practitioners, Sound Healers, Reiki Masters or Yoga and Meditation Teachers.

Experiences… A Mind that is stretched by its own experience, can never go back to its old dimensions. – Oliver Holmes

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BOARDMAN PILATES IS CLOSED FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE. We will see you soon in July! Come in for a sauna to detox, burn calories and relax all June!



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