Boardman Body Care

Clean. Fresh. Organic. Purposeful.

Earl Gray Teatox Body Scrub – 60 minutes $99

detoxing, invigorating, full body scrub, rids body of dry dull skin

Egyptian Geranium Body Polish – 60 minutes $99

calming, hydrating, full body scrub, soft nourished skin

Balancing Body Wrap – 60 minutes $109

dry body brushing, white clay wrap, purifying

Warm Detoxing Clay Wrap  – 30 minutes $79

full body dry brushing, detoxing clay back and foot treatment – full body detox

Balance & Brighten Full Body Treatment – 90 minutes $149

full body scrub with earth clay body wrap and calming scalp massage, renewing and purifying
Detox & Renew Full Body Treatment – 75 minutes $139

dry body brushing, full body scrub, detox clay back and foot treatment – full body detox and skin renew

gratuity not included | please give minimum 12 hours notice for a cancellation read more

Since the skin is our largest organ, detoxification can have profound effects on our health and sense of well-being. During the initial process of your Thermae Body Scrub, your therapist may begin with a dry-brushed method to incite exfoliation. This process also aids in cellulite control. Body Salt Scrubs, also known as salt glows and are a way to hydrate, exfoliate and detox the skin. The entire process leaves you feeling and looking invigorated and renewed all over.

Our SpaRitual, vegan scrubs are made from plants and flowers such as geranium and sunflower. Soft strokes are used in conjunction with deep massage in areas where toxins can accumulate.