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Boardman  $40 for a day retreat | $109 monthly retreat membership | no fees or contracts:

Join us for the afternoon or become a Monthly Member. Sauna Retreat Membership includes Detoxing Infrared Saunas with guided meditation and light therapy, Hot Stone Finnish Sauna with cold bucket plunge, Meditation and Soltec Lounge Rooms, Move Room with vibration trainers and rebounder, Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms, Cool Rinsing Showers, Fresh Filtered Water, Herbal Teas and 10% off all Thermae Treatments. Come and detox physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually daily, weekly or monthly.


Take advantage of the natural trails around glistening lakes for silent hiking during Spring and Summer. Heat your body in a hot cedar sauna then jump into fresh white fallen snow during fall and winter;  it’s back to nature in Boardman Ohio. The forest scents and cool air allow your spirit to rise and our beautiful retreat offers a space where your cares are left at the door. You’re guided from sauna to meditation room to treatment, each journey customized to what you need that moment, allowing you to put space around troubles, let your body melt in the heat of the saunas or the hands of a therapist and awaken to a whole new path.

A cold bucket plunge is located right outside the custom Finnish sauna and next to the meditation room is a private space with Soltec lounges. These lounges were developed to help you get deeper and deeper into a meditative state using vibration and music. Education is a big part of our philosophy. We welcome musicians, natural doctors, therapists, healers and specialists to our retreat to share their knowledge to clients and members. An afternoon in the saunas is $40 and all of Thermae Retreat’s custom massages, energy work and skincare treatments include the sauna retreat. Unlimited Monthly Memberships start at $109 a month with no contracts or fees.


The Energy Body: Physical

Characteristics: Lowest in frequency of the 5 energy fields
Function: Regulates the human body
Mantra: Om Ram Ramaya – This mantra activates balance, strength and healing
in the body.

The human body consists of five layers of energy—the first being the physical body,
which has weight, shape and volume. It’s the most tangible “You.” The physical body
can be clearly seen and felt through our five senses. It is the densest form of energy that our consciousness uses to interact with its environment, including with others.
This guided meditation takes you on a journey of awareness through the Physical
Energy Body with the practice of Yoga Nidra. It supports a calm and settled body while
keeping your thoughts keenly focused.

Benefits include:
• Balanced left and right brain hemispheres
• Greater confidence
• Heightened awareness
• Integration of body and mind
• Deep restorative sleep
• Healthier body image

Download here
Intro: 8 minutes | Composer: Lori Cunningham
Track time: 27 minutes | Composer: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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