Energy Medicine


Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed. It means the damage no longer controls our lives.

What is Energy Medicine?

Energy Medicine refers to a broad range of therapies that all have one thing in common.  They all consider that the human being consists of a physical body capable of thoughts and emotions, but also has an energetic system that supports and nourishes the physical, emotional and mental, with all of these systems being tightly integrated.

The integration between our emotions and our physical body is obvious to anyone who has gone through a period of great stress.  By using emotion altering techniques such as meditation and visualization, a person can actually impact the physical body, triggering its ability to auto-heal or self-heal, an ability often referred to as the ‘placebo effect’.  What is less commonly understood is that there is an energetic component to this mix and that both an individual’s emotions and physical body can be directly affected via energetic intervention.

This life force is known in traditional Chinese medicine as qi (pronounced CHEE), in the Judeo-Christian tradition it is called spirit, and in Ayurvedic medicine it is represented in the doshas.

Specialties in Holistic and Energy Medicine

    Vibrational Medicine | Sacred Body Work | Spiritual/Transpersonal Healing | L.M.T. | Thai Foot Reflexology | Thai Massage
  • DR. STEVEN SILVERMAN | Chiropractic Care | Musculoskeletal Conditions Neurological Meditation Techniques | IV Nutrition Therapy | Certified Kinesio-Taping | Anti-Aging Therapies
    Cupping | Lomi Lomi | Craniosacral | Energy Healing

Debra Kelly, Shamanic Practitioner

Debra’s work in the world is about Awakening and the Return to Wholeness. My Path developed as a result of my personal healing journey in search of answers, which lead me to choose a path that reinforced wholeness. I became a massage therapist in 1993. In this Never ending Quest of the Healing Arts, stepping Into my Truth as a Medicine Woman and Spiritual Life Coach, has evolved into an Expression of my own Modality, an Integration of all the Tools I have Collected along the Way. In my participation of DISCOVERING what brings me Joy, I have connected to a DEEP REMEMBERING and VISION that reveals through my work and sharing. My connection to Spirit and Earth play a vital role in all that I do. I understand the need to come back to Self…everything points to Our relationship with Higher Self.. to thyself be true…I understand that we are so much more than a physical body, we are Eternal Beings & WE ARE ONE.”I am so thrilled to finally work & play in a place where TRANSFORMATION is the name of the game.
In this Sacred Exchange and Expression my instruments are Intention, Breath, Sound, Light, Crystal Frequency and Touch. Every session is tailored to the Individual depending on what the body needs from deep Emotional release to soothing Swedish massage. My question to you is “How deep do you wish to go into the layers of Remembering all that you are within love?

60 minutes $129 | 90 minutes $149 | Series of five 90 minute sessions $699
Journey Into the Vibrational Realms, Behind the Blue Curtain of the Subconscious mind, Bathe in the Temple of Sacred Sound, Scent, Crystals, Color and Light… Allow the Heart of your Soul to Journey to the Depths of your Being and Beyond….Straight to the Blueprint of your DNA Coding. Vibrational Healing is the way of the Future.

This Session is designed to get you Aligned, Centered and in Touch with your Sacred Life Force…Which supports the process of gently uncovering unconscious elements. Awakening to your Inner Healer,  accesses your human energy field to assist in clearing blocks and unconscious patterns on the mental, emotional,spiritual and physical levels of our being.

Every human being has a life force of energy which exists within the physical body courses through pathways called meridians and chakras. Having balanced chakras and bio-chemical pathways is not only vital, but necessary for restoring proper energy Flow and health to the Body, Mind, and Soul.

In Truth everything is Vibration & We are in relationship with every aspect of life, most importantly ~ with Ourselves.The energy flowing within us and around us responds to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Gaining self awareness and understanding our connection to all of life is one of our most powerful tools of transformation.

SOULS JOURNEY: Half Day Journey $599
THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL FOR THE HEALING OF THE SOUL … Each of us has a truth & process unique to ourselves. We are so much more than this Body… there are Layers of Rainbow Light that Surround & Connect Us by a Matrix of energy that extends through the Dimensions, Every part effecting the whole of Consciousness. Soul Sessions is Designed for those who wish to go DEEPER, releasing Old Paradigms from the Place of Awareness of the Eternal Self… for those who are willing to re-write the Story from the Place of Empowerment & Co-Create a New Blueprint of Magnetic Energy. So many Souls have become fragmented through trauma, unhealed Generations and Lifetimes of Experience of not Living & Speaking Our Truth. There is a need to retrieve the Soul where it has separated from itself & directly experience  the truth of oneness beyond the illusion of separation. I do not retrieve your Soul… “Your Soul retrieves Your Soul through Awareness”, my part is being a Conduit and Decoding the Language of the Heart in a Way that leads to Wholeness. You decide on the length of Commitment, One single session or  ongoing one-to-one, building Foundations that support you in rising to the Heights of your Potential. I will challenge you to get to the Place in which your Spirit Soars…. in the end, it’s completely up to you.

Dr. Steven Silverman, D.C.First visit and consultation $99 | Follow-up visits $80

Dr. Steven R. Silverman is proud to be a part of The Patriot Project, a grassroots effort to provide chiropractic care to all Active Military, their Families, Wounded Warriors & All Gold Star Dependents.
Please inquire about our special pricing for American Veterans

A Whole Body Approach

Our focus is to to maximize performance, recovery, repair and rejuvenation through high- tech modalities for the body and mind. Dr. Silverman will be introducing these new treatments along with his expertise in musculoskeletal conditions.

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Anthony is a licened Massage Therapist with a lifelong background in the sciences. His work incorporates a wholistic philosophy and symbiotic relationship of the internal-external environments. His custom massage is a combination of Lomi Lomi, Swedish techniques, and energetic movements aimed to increase peripheral nerve connections and flush toxins from tissues.

Anthony has also studied at the Upledger Institute for Craniosacral Therapy (CST). CST is a subtle energy technique that pinpoints and releases tissue restrictions, without the need for deep physical manipulation. During a session you may feel ‘out-of-body’ sensations while your system resets itself. Effects can be observed for those with physical discomfort, mental stress, emotional trauma, and internal dysfunction.

Cupping Therapy: 30 minutes $59 | 60 minutes $109
Craniosacral Therapy (CST): 30 minutes: $69 (add to a massage $59)