Our Skincare Philosophy

Thermae Retreat is an organic, vegan wellness and relaxation retreat. Everything we do and offer is purposeful and our skincare treatments for face and body follow this philosophy. Natural beauty, youth and vitality are reflective of our inner health. Thermae facials feed your skin only the purest organic and wildcrafted ingredients  that revitalize and renew. Using products in line with Nature, therefore balancing harmonically in line with You. Thermae facials give you what your face needs to Become Healthy. And nothing is better than Healthy! 

Meet Thermae Retreat’s Goddesses of Skin Care…

Kristen Bauer | Master Alchemist and Esthetician, Founder Nourishe Organics

It was when I became pregnant with my daughter that I first began to comprehend on a very deep level the magnitude of chemicals that are all around us. And, I started to question:  How can we expect to have healthy bodies, if we are using polluted chemical products on our skin?”

Master Alchemist, Kristin Bauer is  revolutionizing skincare organically. Leading change in the skincare industry, Kristin has mastered the complex art of product formulations offering a gorgeous collection of products. Kristin’s Kinetic Oxy Facial incorporates non-surgical, topical, and non-invasive techniques for face lifting, lip enhancement and line removal to promote volume restoration, lift the skin, and smooth out lines and wrinkles with natural looking results.

Kristin’s early studies began to take root through a keen interest of DNA mutation and treatment of patients in a hospital burn unit, which led to her intense commitment to understand the science behind skin growth and regeneration. It was this understanding that guided Kristin to formulate specialized treatments focused on DNA repair and protection of long term skin rejuvenation. Today her ongoing research and implementation of innovative treatments and new modalities of healing the skin and the body has led to the launch of Nourishe Organics: Genuine Beauty Inspired By Mother Earth. Nourishe Organics original line of skincare products is made from the most authentic, organic ingredients available, using ethically grown and harvested raw materials with absolutely no preservatives. A large focus of Kristin’s work is dedicated to providing education and awareness of the truth about toxicity in skin care products  and the underlying causes of premature aging and skin damage.

Kristin strongly believes that true healing lies within us and is directly aligned with our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The most profound, powerful method to access this connection can be found {within} secrets of ancient techniques. Kristin is devoted to studying those techniques alongside leading healers, medicine men, medicine women, and shamans.  Effectively integrating the ancient discoveries and most effective techniques possible into her skin care services and products.

Cherylyn Van Kirk | Founder Starflower Essentials

23 years ago, in a little biodynamic farming community, Starflower was first conceived. Making herbal formulas for the skin became a hobby of Cherylyn, and she loved wild crafting and growing herbs in the garden and making tinctures and extracts for her family’s medicine cabinet. She soon realized it would become her life’s work and study.

In 1994, Starflower became commercially available with over 30 face, body and bath products.
Food grade and organic with NO propyls, parabens or chemicals of any kind. 
Starflower Essentials Organic Skincare is one of the few leading holistic skin care manufacturers in the United States, offering a complete organic skincare line of certified organically grown, food grade ingredients and certified organic, uncut, and undiluted essential oils and synergies. They take pride in the fact that they use no chemicals, propyls or parabens in any of their Face, Body and Bath skincare products. Starflower packages in glass rather than plastics to prevent the degradation and oxidization of their vital ingredients. Often they hear of a feature’s single “wonder” ingredient, and marketed as a skincare product. Each of their ingredients, separately, could be considered a “wonder” ingredient, and marketed as the core of a product line. Starflower blends these vital ingredients together to produce a far more potent and long-lasting result for the skin than any one ingredient could accomplish on its own. Also, Starflower keeps the micro-nutrients and trace minerals intact by not standardizing our herbs. Starflower Essentials Organic Skin Care ingredients are rare and made from organically or biodynamically grown, wild-crafted herbs and cold pressed oils from pristine environments. As an artisan line, our exclusive, hand made formulas are processed in small batches to preserve potency and vitality. This philosophy embraces the process as being just as important as the end result.

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