Why Come To A Day Spa?

Why Should You Come to a Day Spa?

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It is simple really, to relax! Unwind! Find your inner self & peace! Living in the fast paced technology driven world, it is all too simple to get caught up in the day to day grind. Taking a short break is good for the mind, body & soul! Thermae Retreat offers that needed break by catering to your specific needs. Below you will find some of our favorite reasons to visit a day spa and enjoy yourself!

1. Relaxation: A day at our spa is guaranteed to bring you relaxation. We have an amazing atmosphere designed to squash your worries and focus on making your visit as relaxing and revitalizing as possible. Don’t believe us? Check out our customer testimonials to see what our clients say about their incredible visits with our spa!

2. Recovery: If you have injuries or aches and pains, we have treatments to help your recovery. Many athletes utilize our sports massages and saunas to help them recover from day-to-day training as well as injuries.

3. Detoxification: Your body comes in contact with all kinds of bacteria and toxins. They can form acne, skin issues, and even sicknesses. At our spa, you will become detoxified for young, healthy, beautiful skin.

4. Improved Circulation: Blood flow is crucial to the proper functioning of tissues and skin. Our massages and saunas are aimed at optimizing circulation throughout your body, which has a host of incredible health benefits.

5. Weight Loss: Did you know that people who frequent the day spa are more likely to have healthier weights? That’s right; with services like saunas that increase your heart rate, you burn calories in the middle of your relaxing spa day. Not only that, but with massages that keep your muscles fresh, you do a better job recovering from workouts, which will keep you at the gym and off the couch.

6. Stress Management: We all get stressed out for a variety of reasons such as work, school, relationships, and other conflicts in our lives. This releases cortisol in the body, which can have negative effects if not managed. By visiting Thermae, you can keep your stress in check and learn ways to cope with the stressors in your life.

7. Healthy Skin: Keep your skinning shining (in a good way!) Indulge in one of our organic facials or bod scrubs and have your skin feeling baby sofy!

8. Improved Sleep: Looking to catch some z’s? One of the benefits of going to Thermae Retreat is that our day spa services will help your sleep patterns. The relaxation as well as whole-body healing that comes from our services means that you will find improvements to your sleep, helping to keep your batteries recharged for the next day.

9. Holistic Healing: Mind. Body. Spirit. Together, they form the whole human. Our spa takes measures to address all three areas to keep you healthy in all facets of your life.

10. Sharing the Experience: The day spa is so great, it doesn’t have to be limited to just you. Many people share the experience of our spa with their family, friends, loved ones, and more. From couple’s massage to our Pilates classes, there’s something for everyone here at Thermae Retreat!

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Thermae Retreat Treatments and Services

Our day spa treatments and services have consistently ranked among the top anywhere in the world. We have it all; massages, saunas, skin care, and more! Come check out our award-winning services here at Thermae Retreat!


Swedish Massage: Great for first-time massages and total body relaxation, our Swedish Massages utilize firm strokes throughout your body without triggering pressure points.
Deep Tissue Massage: If you have knots, tightness, and injuries, the deep tissue massage is a great option. This massage targets sensitive tissues to break up lactic acid and toxins from your body.
Hot Stone Massage: This popular massage method uses hot basalt stones to work your muscles out. Our masseuses heat these stones and apply them to your body for an amazing massage with increased tissue circulation.
Couple’s Massage: Are you looking to treat mom on mother’s day, or take date night to a whole new level? Our couple’s massages are a great way to spend a spa day with a loved one. Our couple’s massages bundle the rate of service, making it more affordable to go with someone than to go alone. This intimate, relaxing experience is one you won’t soon forget!
Reflexology: We specialize in reflexology in the hands, feet, and head. These trigger point massages work wonders for people suffering from arthritis, inflammation, and chronic pain. If you are dealing with migraines or tension headaches, then this treatment may be your solution.

Finnish Sauna: When you think of a traditional, hot stone sauna, the Finnish sauna is what comes to mind. For hundreds of years, this conventional form of sauna therapy has brought amazing health benefits to the Finnish culture, frequent gym goers and athletes, and thousands in-between. Our hot stones are mixed with essential oils to pair the benefits of the sauna with aromatherapy.
Infrared Sauna: These low-heat saunas are another great way to treat your body. They are more comfortable than traditional saunas, using infrared heat that is absorbed through your skin to warm up your body from the inside-out.

Aromatherapy: All aromatherapies use essential oils to clear the mind and spirit. Many people who suffer from headaches swear by the magical relaxing effects of aromatherapy. It sets a comforting mood for your day at the spa, and you’ll enjoy the remarkable smells during your visit.
Facials: Our organic facials utilize the top materials to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your face. From face scrubs to face masks, your face will look younger, cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful in no time!
Body Scrubs: Our exfoliants are designed to dig deep into your pores and target toxins. By flushing them out with the beads from the scrubs, your skin will cleanse itself of dirt, acne, and other skin bacteria. It promotes healthy skin and will help boost your confidence!

Spa Memberships
If you enjoyed your visit, and want to maintain regular treatments with our spa, consider enrolling in Thermae Retreat’s spa membership package. This deal gives you access to all our premium services and treatments at our best rates. When it comes to affordability, our yearly spa membership is unmatched.

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