10 Best Things to Do at a Day Spa in Fort Lauderdale

The 10 best things to do at Fort Lauderdale Day Spa

If you are living in Fort Lauderdale and have not yet visited a day spa, you are missing out! There are tons of incredible things to do while at a day spa. Check out the top 10 things to do at a day spa while in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Thermae Retreat Fort Lauderdale Day Spa offers each spa treatments on the list below! You can stop in for one or stay all day and enjoy them all! We love pampering our clients and setting the best high for the best spa experiences in Fort lauderdale Florida.

1. Couples Massage: For many people, getting a massage can be nerve-wracking all alone. By getting a couple’s massage, you can share the relaxing experience of a day spa with your loved one. It makes for a great date and intimate experience with your significant other. A couple’s massage is done with both partners in the room, facing each other, to enjoy each other’s company throughout the rejuvenation of a massage.

2. Swedish Massage: For first-time visitors and general spa services, the Swedish massage is quite popular. This massage is a total body experience, using firm strokes without penetrating deep into the tissues. Swedish massages use gliding motions towards the heart to increase circulation and promote full-body relaxation.

3. Deep Tissue Massage: The deep tissue massage is great for people who have tightness in particular parts of the body. Many athletes who pull or strain muscles, use this type of massage to relieve pressure and increase circulation to the affected area. With deep tissue massages, you get maximum recovery and relief from pain.

4. Hot Stone Massage: This popular massage therapy utilizes hot basalt stones, which are smooth and flat. They are placed on parts of your body and used by your massage therapist to work the muscles. The warmth of the stones not only feels good, but helps to break up lactic acid and tissue tightness.

5. Enjoy our Finnish Sauna: This is your traditional hot stone, dry sauna. It heats your body from the outside in, giving you a great sweat to detoxify your pores. It increases your heart rate, helping you burn calories and increase circulation throughout your body. An integral part of Finnish culture, it has been tried and true for hundreds of years!

6. Enjoy Our Infrared Sauna: Another great type of sauna, the infrared sauna uses lower heat to warm up your body from the inside out. The infrared heat is absorbed by your skin for deep detoxification and relaxation, helping with inflammation, arthritis, and overall good health.

7. Aromatherapy: With aromatherapy, you breathe in the aromas of essential oils for physical and psychological healing. Many people who suffer from headaches claim that aromatherapy keeps them at bay due to the fact that they induce relaxation and improve your breathing. Aromatherapy can be applied to almost any spa service, including saunas and massages!

8. Organic Facials: When you get a facial with organic scrubs and face masks, you get the chance to deeply cleanse your face of toxins, dirt, and other pore-blocking materials. Regular use of facials keeps your skin smooth, beautiful, young, and healthy.

9. Body Scrubs: Similar to facials, body scrubs use exfoliants for beautiful skin. With organic solutions, body scrubs are great against acne and other skin conditions.

10. Pilates: For mind, body, and spirit, Pilates is the way to go! With low-impact movements, Pilates helps you improve flexibility, posture, muscular endurance, and overall health.

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