Fort Lauderdale Day Spa Experience

How a Day Spa Can Have You Relaxed With Some Amazing Treatments

Sometimes in the rush of our busy lives we forget how badly we need a break. Our bodies are amazing machines that can withstand enormous amounts of work and pressure but working all the time can be damaging. The constant effort you put into work and life wears away at your body and your soul. Once in awhile, you need to stop and breathe to restore your overall health. There is no better place to restore your physical and spiritual health than Fort Lauderdale Spa. Allow yourself to be taken care of by professionals who have just the right touch and flawless technique. At Fort Lauderdale Spa, you will find all the relief you have been craving. With the best saunas in Fort Lauderdale, the most relieving massages, and the highest quality organic facials, scrubs and clays, and energy medicine, Fort Lauderdale Spa has just what you need to give you the fresh start you need.

Top Rated Saunas in Fort lauderdale Florida

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Saunas are a great and relaxing way to rejuvenate your body, from your internal organs to your skin. The gradual heat from the saunas will target impurities, toxins, fats, and more in your body and prepare them to be washed away by a cold shower afterwards. There are two different types of saunas available for use at Fort Lauderdale Spa. The first type of sauna is the infrared sauna. The infrared sauna is designed to heat your body from the inside out, allowing the heat to affect your internal organs and body chemistry, like blood pressure and fat buildup. Set at just the right temperature, the infrared sauna will melt away the bad parts of your body so that you can be left with better health. The other type of sauna is the Finnish sauna which incorporates hot stones that produce steam that will heat your body from the outside in. Just like infrared saunas, Finnish saunas have major health benefits that can help you achieve and maintain great health. Aside from the physical benefits, being able to sit and relax in a serene environment will help benefit your soul. Give both saunas a try and be amazed at how incredible you feel afterwards.

World Class Massage Therapists

Who doesn’t love a good massage once in a while? Our bodies can do amazing work, but there is no way to prevent pain and soreness after continuous work. It is normal and expected for our bodies to get worn down after putting in constant effort to your job or your home life. In fact, you probably deal with sore body parts on a daily basis. Although the most common pain area is your back, other parts of your body may become sore after extraneous effort. The professional massage therapists at Fort Lauderdale Spa have the perfect touch to melt away all the soreness in your muscles. Fort Lauderdale Spa’s massage therapists are expertly trained to target all muscle soreness so that you can leave the spa pain free. Think about the pain in your muscles right now – maybe your shoulders and your back are aching as you sit in your office chair, or maybe your legs are hurting after being on your feet all day. Now imagine how wonderful it would feel to lie down and have a professional massage therapist work out all the soreness in your back, shoulders, and legs. You could experience that magical feeling when you put your pain in the hands of the massage therapists at Fort Lauderdale Spa. Start treating your body the way it deserves and let yourself experience a relieving massage that will restore your body to perfect condition.

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When you want the best sp treatments you have to go to the best place!

Our faces are one of the most exposed parts of our bodies and they are also one of the most important parts of ourselves. Your face is your physical identity, without it, it would be hard for people to tell who you are. Faces reflect who we are inside, they give a physical representation of the soul within ourselves. Therefore, it is extremely vital to take good care of your face. With organic facials at Fort Lauderdale Spa, your face will be very well taken care of. All the ingredients that go into the facial scrubs and masks are natural and organic and are guaranteed safe for your skin. Toxins are pulled out and washed away with these organic facials, so you can feel years younger and your confidence can skyrocket. Fort Lauderdale Spa is proud to offer such reliable and effective organic facials. The difference in happiness and confidence after a good facial is enough reward in itself to want to continue the treatments. You will be surprised at the change and difference in yourself once you experience the wonder that is organic facials at Fort Lauderdale Spa, Thermae Retreat.

Amazing Spa Purifying Clay Scrubs

Your skin is what protects your internal self from the dangers and toxins of the world, but some of those toxins are absorbed into your skin in the process. No one wants to have foreign toxins in their body or on their skin, so Fort Lauderdale Spa provides high quality scrubs and clays to remove dirt, oils, and toxins from your skin. The quality scrubs at Fort Lauderdale Spa wipe away dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of your skin and from the entrances of your pores, leaving you feeling new and refreshed. The purifying clays at Fort Lauderdale Spa reach deep into your pores to latch onto the deepest toxins. When the clays are removed, all the toxins are removed with them. Your pores will be fresh and clean and it will have a lasting effect on your overall health. All scrubs and clays are proven safe for your skin, so you never have to worry, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the feeling of your skin being cleansed and rejuvenated. Allow yourself to experience the refreshing scrubs and clays at Fort Lauderdale Spa. Your skin will thank you, and you will definitely come back for more.

Energy Medicine for the Soul

The spirit is just as important as your physical being, so it needs to be taken care of just as well. There is a strong mind and body connection with energy flowing between the two in an endless cycle that keeps you alive, so it is necessary to keep both aspects of your life healthy and rested. At Fort Lauderdale Spa, your physical self isn’t the only focus. Through the energy medicine services, your spirit will be renewed and you will feel ready to take on any challenges that life throws at you. You will feel more relaxed and serene than you have ever felt. The results are undeniable. Everyone who uses the energy medicine at Fort Lauderdale Spa knows how rewarding it is to heal your soul along with your physical body. You won’t want to neglect your spirit ever again once you realize how life changing it can be to take care of the energy within yourself. At Fort Lauderdale Spa, your negative energy will vacate your body, leaving only the positive energy to carry your life through your body and mind.


The spa services provided at Fort Lauderdale Spa are guaranteed to make you feel brand new. There is no better spa in Fort Lauderdale that can give you the treatment that you deserve. After all the hard work you put into your life every single day, Fort Lauderdale Spa works even harder to make sure that you can achieve maximum relaxation to carry you through life even after you leave the spa.

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