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‘The true value of a human being is determined by the extent to which he or she is free of the self.’ – Albert Einstein


Thermae Gatherings, Workshops & Ceremonies
Delray Beach | Ft. Lauderdale | Boardman, OH

Delray Beach November

11/2 | Alchemy of Sacred Sound | 7:30-9pm

Full Moon Planetary Gong Meditation ~ The Sound of the Gong carries the listener on a Journey much like the tides of the Ocean,where each wave returns and builds on the last, producing new and intricate tones.The Sound becomes so complex, so unpredictably trans-linear the human mind is unable to categorize it, enabling the Listener to learn to Listen in a completely New Way.  All are welcome ~please arrive by 7:15pm and wear comfortable clothing. More information  | $20/door

11/11 | Principles of Ayurvedic Nutrition: Food as Medicine | 1-4pm

You are what you eat. Ayurvedic wisdom shows how the food you eat is medicine. Learn simple dietary guidelines to follow based on your doshic body type. Understand the qualities of foods and how it affects the doshas, the basics of mindful eating, ways to build agni- the digestive fire, incompatible food combinations, and the power of a weekly fast. Please Reserve here: Save $10 by pre-registering

11/16 | Chakra Awakening: Navigating the Human Energy Body: Sacral Chakra

Thermae Retreat invites you on a Sacred Journey Into the Chakra’s. This is an ongoing series where each month, Debra Kelly, our Shamanic Practitioner will focus in depth on one Chakra, while integrating the Energy Body as a Whole. Learning to Navigate the Human Energy Body through Awareness is one of the most Powerful tools of Transformation. The energy flowing within us and around us responds to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  CHAKRA AWAKENING! RESERVE HERE

Boardman November

11/2 -11/30 | The Right Weigh with Dena D | 4 Thursdays @ 6pm

This Holiday Season get ready to take control of your mindset, and your jean size. Let Dena D help you change the way you look at food. The Right Weigh Series~Pre-register here!
Once again, Thermae Retreat & Dena DeLuco are teaming up for The Right Weigh at Thermae. 
Every week you’ll get:
~ Group Hypnosis ~ Relaxation ~ Accountability ~ Support
Learn How to Set Yourself Up for Success, Change Your Mindset, and Reflect Your Beauty from the Inside Out.
Join us Thursdays at 6pm. November 2nd – November 30th

11/6-11/27 | Holy Yoga with Heidi | Monday Nights 6:30-8pm

Join Heidi every Monday in November 6:30 – 8:00pm at Thermae Retreat for a gentle and restorative Yoga session.
In Holy Yoga you will be guided through a meditative and deep relaxing journey with Healing Touch and a calming blend of essential oils. An evening of stillness to rest, relax and restore while aligning the body, soul and spirit.

Please arrive 10 minutes prior
$15 per person

11/10 | Candlelight Yoga with Heidi | 7-8:30pm 

Come enjoy yoga by candlelight, and bring calm and ease to your body and mind. Therapeutic yoga instructor, Heidi Suraci will lead a relaxing restorative candlelight yoga class that will leave you feeling refreshed and peaceful. This practice will be lit entirely by candlelight and is suitable for all levels – Space is limited. Wear comfortable clothing, and arrive 10 minutes before practice begins. RESERVE HERE! Space is Limited

11/15 | Save Your Soles |  with Amber Landsman | 6pm

Series One of the Body Mechanix therapeutic, pain-to-performance style class.   SAVE YOUR SOLES RESERVE HERE!

Foot pain is an indicator of whole-body malalignment, a predictor of immobility as we age, and a risk factor for other illnesses of the knee, hip, and lower back. This class is for any person who is seeking a primer on optimal foot and whole body alignment & looking to establish a “sole” foundation that restores health, and reduces common foot problems and related pains. Choose today to become the expert of your own body! $10 member / $15 non-member

**All Body Mechanix classes in the series of 8 will emphasize corrective alignment, posture, therapeutic core and back strengthen exercises, combined with flexibility, stability, and decompression breathing techniques.**  

11/18 | Make & Take Essential Oils Workshop | with  Lisa Bell | 11am-12pm

Lisa Bell is a Licensed Advanced Esthetician who specializes in applied aromatics. She will be teaching: 

  • The benefits of essential oils & how to use them
  • The simple & effective ways to get ready for cold & flu season
  • How to make and use essential oil blends at home 
  • Don’t miss an opportunity to take home an item with you!

$20 RESERVE ! Essential Oil workshop  

11/19 | November Reiki Circle | with Reiki Masters, Elizabeth & Maria | 5pm

A chance to share your energy with other practitioners, REIKI CIRCLE RESERVE HERE Also for those interested in learning more about Reiki.  All are welcome for this community event. Everyone can benefit from the restorative effects of this practice. Hosted by Reiki Masters – Elizabeth and Maria  $10

11/20 | Member Mondays | Happy Hour Sauna Retreat |6-8pm

We invite you to join us unfold the layers of stress on the body and mind, & leave feeling amazing! Join Hilary Cook, owner of Thermae Retreat and Thermae wellness guides as they tour you throughout Boardman’s new wellness retreat. RESERVE HERE!  Discover the Art of Detoxification & Relaxation at Thermae Retreat of Boardman. Come tour our retreat, unwind in our saunas and discover how heating your core and sweating can benefit you. Sauna, Detox and Relax! No cost for Members $26 online/ $30 at the door for non-members   

Delray Beach December

12/2 | Nourishe Organics Skincare Launch Party & Thermae Open House | 1-4pm

Nourishe Organics founder, Kristin Bauer and Thermae Retreat Delray Beach launch partnership with new products and luxurious, rejuvenating facials. Join us for an open house tour of Thermae Retreat, meet the community and enjoy lite bites, sauna retreat and treatment specials and product demonstrations. RSVP | RESERVE NOURISHE LAUNCH PARTY

First 50 to RSVP are entered to win a gift for you or a friend!

12/3 | Morning Meditation Retreat | 10:30am-12:00pm

Enjoy vegan breakfast, Meditation &  Sauna Retreat | Join Gyinpriya of Breathe Meditation  from 10:30am-12:00pm as she offers simple techniques to cultivate your personal practice of meditation. Fruit and fresh juices, and full sauna retreat accompany the morning meditation. $60 | Individual private session available after for an additional $15

12/9 | Ayurvedic Detox Rituals: Daily, Weekly & Seasonal practices | 1-4pm

Detox fads come and go but Ayurveda’s extensively developed system of panchakarma has been around for 5,000 years and time tested to work. Join Dr. Anisha Durve from 1-4:oopm $50 advance/ $60 door | pre-register & save $10 Ayurveda workshop   Learn the importance of not only detoxification but of rejuvenation.Understand the best seasons to detox, simple and practical guidelines to follow, and which holistic techniques you can adapt into your self-care practice such as daily self-massage with herbal oils, marma therapy, nasya, etc.       



AUGUST 8 | Sacred Sound Bath Full Moon Planetary Gong Ceremony
Debra Kelly, Shamanic Practitioner

Aug 12 | Ayurveda Wellness | Dr. Anisha Durve, D.O.M.
Five month workshop meeting one time per month

Aug 21 | Total Eclipse in Leo 

Lauren Aronstam, Astrologer

Sept 19 | Sauna Happy Hour 6:30-8:00 pm 
Shot of Fresh Juice, Sauna & Relax in Meditation Room $35
learn more and reserve here

Sept 26 | Tranquil Tuesdays 6-7:30 pm 
Yoga Nidra Guided Meditation with Anisha Durve, DOM, AP $20/$25 ($25 add-on sauna) Introductory workshop, no prior experience necessary
learn more and reserve here

OCTOBER 5 | Alchemy of Sacred Sound ~ Full Moon Gong Meditation. Experience the Alchemy of Sacred Sound, please join us on this Cosmic journey, as we integrate and activate the Crystalline Light in our Energy Body, The gong has the ability to open the Chakras and Energy Channels, allowing the Body, Mind and Spirit to Transform. $20/door |7:30-9:00 pm
Link on Facebook

OCTOBER 7 | Ayurveda Workshop Series~ Discover your Dosha $50 advance/ $60 door |1-4:00 pm
Reserve in advance & save $10

OCTOBER 14 | Ayurveda Workshop Series~ Daily Wellness: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Routine $50 advance/ $60 door |1-4:00 pm
Reserve in advance & save $10

OCTOBER 16 |  Happy Hour Member Mondays Enjoy Thermae in a social atmosphere.  Shot of juice & full sauna retreat. Member specials on Massage & Facial. Happy Hour Saunas | Save $20

OCTOBER 19 | Chakra Awakening~ A series of 7 ~ Navigating the Human Energy Body |Debra Kelly,Shamanic Practitioner
Reserve Online

OCTOBER 22 | Dry Brush & Sauna Event 4:30-6:00 pm
Learn the Art and Benefits of Dry Brush Therapy with Charlene Daley, Esthetician $45 (includes dry brush to take home)
read more or reserve here

Thermae Retreat Fort Lauderdale

Sept 6 | Discover Your Dosha 6-8:00 pm 
Introduction to Ayurveda & Your Body Type with Anisha Durve, DOM, AP 

Thermae Retreat Boardman

Sept 10| GRAND OPENING Join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of the Center for Sound Therapy! 
Sept 14| The Right Weigh Series 
Join Dena DeLuco every Thursday for this six week series. Every week includes group hypnosis, relaxation, support, and accountability. Space is limited reserve your spot. Thursdays for 6 weeks September 14th, 21st, 28th, October 5th, 12th, 19th
Sept 16|  Keeping Calm in the Classroom 10:30 am-1:00 pm
Help adapt mindfulness into your classroom. Workshop will offer stress reduction techniques for daily practical use in and out of the classroom. This workshop is just for teachers and educators and includes a 45 minute session of guided meditation and a Full Sauna Retreat.
$40 Space is limited – reserve your spot learn more & reserve here
Sept 17 | Reiki Circle 5:00 pm
All are welcome for this community event. A chance to come share your energy with other practitioners, and those interested in learning more about Reiki. Everyone can benefit from the restorative effects of this practice. Hosted by Reiki Masters – Elizabeth and Maria $10 learn more and reserve here

Sept 19 | Detox Happy Hour 6:00-8:00 pm
Detox discussion, Sauna Retreat & Chair Massage $30 (non-member)/$5 (members who bring a guest) learn more & reserve here

  Sept 24| Powerful Pores Informational Workshop  1:00-2:00 pm Learn the Art and Benefits of Skin care for your whole body, sweating and the benefits of dry brushing with Elizabeth, Holistic Esthetician, includes dry brush to take home, special pricing on body care products and treatments. $15 learn more & reserve here

OCTOBER 3 | 6pm DR. KATHY LECTURE – conquering your fat phobia | Reserve with Dr. Kathy here!

OCTOBER 6 | 7:00-8:30pm CANDLELIGHT YOGA with Heidi | Reserve here!

OCTOBER 15 |  5pm REIKI CIRCLE |Reserve here!   

OCTOBER 17 | 6-8pm DETOX HAPPY HOUR | Members & Non Members Reserve here!


OCTOBER 22 | 8:30 – 1 A DAY WITH DR. KATHY | Reserve with Dr. Kathy here!

OCTOBER 29th |1-2 pm POWERFUL PORES PART 2 – facial and skin care | Reserve here!