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“The sauna… Is an apotheosis of all experience: Purgatory and paradise; earth and fire; fire and water; sin and forgiveness. It is lyrical ecstasy. It is resurrection from the dead. It is eternal new birth… You are healed, you are made new.”
— Constance Malleson from her book, “In the North: Autobiographical Fragments of Norway”

The Saunas are included in Thermae Retreat Membership and for daily guests with any Massage, Scrub or Facial.

Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna is a soft heat 110 – 150° which allows you to relax with a 20-40 minute session. Infrared heats the body from the inside out penetrating and heating fat cells, muscles and organs, sending toxins up and out through the skin, calming inflammation, bringing down blood pressure. While you are relaxing you are also getting an amazing cardiovascular workout as if you are outside jogging – Fresh oxygen is being brought to the cells and you typically burn between 300-500 calories in a session. 

Finnish Sauna

WELLNESS_Sauna_18Relax muscles and detox through sweating with a Finnish sauna session. This traditional Hot Stone sauna heats the body from the outside-in. Be swept away in the scents and relaxing heat. At Thermae it is our pleasure to offer a traditional ‘Aufguss’ in the sauna – an amazing infusion of oils onto the hot stones causing steam and wonderful scents to fill the air. The benefits of the Finnish sauna have been observed for centuries. At Thermae all of our saunas are custom built with nontoxic cedar wood. A cool/cold shower takes place afterwards to take advantage of contrast therapy – hot to cold.