Thermae Retreat

thermae day retreat
thermae day retreat and sauna
facials and body scrubs

with gratitude


Thermae Retreat Boardman Ohio $40 for a day retreat
Thermae Retreat Ft. Lauderdale Florida $45 for a day retreat
Thermae Retreat Delray Beach Florida $45 for a day retreat

Ego says, ‘Once everything falls into place I will feel peace.’ Spirit says, ‘Once I feel peace, everything will fall into place.’
– Marianne Williamson

Thermae was found, out of an awakening; a path that was forged out of a life that was lost or not yet found. This journey of knowing, trusting, has evolved to this day, and to the next. Along this path others joined and have become the guides and practitioners having there own experiences, walking through this life in high vibration, shifting, releasing and realizing. Navigating through this time on this planet as these who know who they are.
We are a tribe, a community of keepers and educators and guides and friends…join us to experience your own journey for a day or a lifetime.

‘There is a feeling universe inside you … gather this energy, breath into it and watch it become alive with vibration.’  – Debra Kelly, Shamanic Practitioner, Thermae Retreat