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Imagine a place where you can come on a daily basis and truly relax and balance both mind and body at your own pace— just be in the moment…

Come in for the day: $45
Includes: Detoxing Infrared Saunas, Hot Stone Finnish Sauna, Outside Garden, Meditation Room, Soltec Lounge, Fresh Filtered Water and Herbal Teas 
(specialty equipment may differ depending on the location)
Call to set up your day and time: 
Ft. Lauderdale 954-604-7930 | Delray Beach 561-332-5883 | Boardman 330-222-6432

Thermae Retreat brings together the important aspects of wellness in one beautiful space. Our team of practitioners and therapists are here for your individual needs allowing you to focus on relaxation, detoxification, prevention, self empowerment, healing and balancing of mind and awakening of spirit.

Infrared and aromatherapy Finnish saunas, organic and invigorating hydrotherapy soaks, exfoliating salt scrubs, massages from aromatherapy and relaxation to deep tissue and hot stone, and organic skincare and facials are all part of the journey in our day retreat.

Prevention. Get your body back to its natural state of self regulating and self healing.
If you have an issue physically, emotionally or spiritually Thermae is here to bring balance back to your life. If you are just where you want to be, we are here to support you on your journey.

Our Sauna Retreat Members have unlimited monthly access to sessions in the sauna retreat with detoxing Infrared and relaxing Finnish saunas, outdoor courtyard, meditation room, foot and calf massager and Soltec Lounge – a 20 minutes session completely de-stresses the mind and body through vibrational therapy. Used in clinics, the Soltec Lounge takes you to a place of complete relaxation without any effort. This lounge is used to help clients get deeper and deeper into meditative states. When used over time studies show that the brain is able to reach these states easier and faster. Move Room with Vibration Trainers, Rebounder, Light Weights, Balancing Discs and more.

Monthly Membership starts at $99 & $109 a month.  
As a member you also enjoy a 10% discount on all treatments and in the thermae market.
So join us! You can spend an hour or an afternoon, just being…

We offer the Thermae Stillness Retreats, customized to fit your personal journey.

Learn more about our retreats here.


Thermae Day Spa: massages, facials, and body scrubs 3 locations: Ft Lauderdale, Delray Beach FL
Boardman Ohio