Welcome to Thermae Hive.

dfp Pilates, has transformed to an extension of Thermae Retreat now called Thermae Hive. We are still offering the same amazing Pilates classes and private sessions we've had for the last 10 years but the Hive is now a private and semi-private studio. At Thermae Retreat, located downtown on the South side of the New River, we relax, detox and cleanse the mind, body and spirit through saunas, bodywork, facials and natural healing. At Thermae Hive we energize and rejuvenate our physical body.

The Hive is a place you can come to challenge yourself. It is a place to connect, and disconnect at the same time. A place you can come for a session and stay talking with a new found friend.

Visit our events page and be apart of what’s happening at Thermae. See what resonates with you and fill your week with Pilates (Thermae & Hive), Yoga (Thermae Retreat) and an evening of Meditation (Thermae Retreat). Thermae has what you need to be who you are suppose to be...

Be Happy. Be Fearless. Be Strong. Be Healthy. Be Hive.


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